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Meet the team

Study Happy Ambassadors

Our students assistants

Our Study Happy Ambassadors know exactly what it's like to be studying at Warwick (as opposed to the staff who may not have been students for *ahem* quite some time).

They're not only able to empathise with the stress of deadlines and the struggles of achieving a study/life balance but can also offer you support and guidance based on their own experience.

They're here to help you feel part of the community.


Kirby the penguin, the Study Happy mascot

Introducing the Study Happy mascot. Look out for me around the Library and Study Spaces, my colleagues won't be far away.

Ask one of the team if you'd like a stress Kirby to take home, decorate, or take on your travels.

Keep us posted on your adventures with #KirbysTravels.

 PersonDaryl Johnson

Community Engagement Assistant


Daryl helps to:

  • run Study Happy events
    • you’ll usually see Daryl around the Library and Learning Grids putting up banners, setting up spaces and generally making sure everything goes smoothly
  • is also the one with the camera at PAT Dogs events
  • is one of the team who responds to your messages and comments on Facebook
and she typically buys the biscuits so make sure you let her know your preference. We run on your feedback!


 PersonAndree Whittaker

Community Engagement Assistant

Andree Whittaker

Andree supports customers of the Teaching Grid facility to:

  • explore original, innovative teaching techniques
  • encourage and facilitate teaching development activities

 PersonKieron Punch

Community Engagement Assistant

Keiron Punch

Kieron helps to:

  • run Study Happy events
  • support customers of the Teaching Grid facility to explore original, innovative teaching techniques
  • encourage and facilitate teaching development activities

 PersonAna Kedveš

Community Engagement Assistant

Ana Kedves

Ana helps the Study Happy programme happen, Ana:

  • works with other teams to plan the events
  • prepares activities and promotes all the awesome stuff we offer to students
  • also when the Library's Twitter and Facebook feeds contain an excessive amount of animal GIFs and references to Rolf, the Campus Cat, Ana is likely the one posting!

 PersonPhil Sale

Community Engagement Coordinator

Phil Sale

Phil is responsible for the Study Happy programme of events each academic year. He:

  • brings together all of the teams we work with and Warwick initiatives
  • makes sure the staff have everything they need to deliver awesome events

Phil particularly enjoys hearing how you're getting on and sneaking crisps when he thinks no one is looking!

 PersonBecky Woolley

Community Engagement Manager

Becky Wololley

Becky manages the team who brings you Study Happy and the Teaching Grid – on the surface very different services, but in reality both focusing on improving the student experience.