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European Documentation Centre (EDC)

The Library is an official European Documentation Centre, providing access to European Union (EU) information to the regional higher education and local communities, and supporting teaching and research on the EU in the University. The EDC is part of the Europe Direct network and is open to any member of the public.

 Key electronic resources

Most European Union key resources are freely available on the internet, linked to the central portal Europa. A selection of the most useful official websites is listed below.

Library databases containing EU primary and secondary sources include European Sources Online, Lexis Library and Westlaw.

Other databases relating to Law, Politics, Economics and Sociology also provide journals and other commentary. Particular databases include:

  • Columbia International Affairs Online
  • International Political Science Abstracts
  • Statewatch
  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

 Useful websites

The official EU websites are also accessible through Europa, the official portal of the European Union. You are recommended to view the key electronic resources for the EDC, Law and Statistical Data, which include other major sources such as EUR-Lex, Court websites and Eurostat.

Council of Europe
Intergovernmental forum, separate from the EU, active in European democratisation and protecting human rights.

Council of the European Union
Information about the activities of the EU decision-making body made up of ministers of each member state.

the catalogue of the libraries of the European Commission

Surveys and polls of public opinion on European social issues.

EUROPA Official Documents by Institution

Europe Direct
Official enquiry and information network on EU policy and advice for citizens.

Europe in the UK
Details of EU information points and cultural events in the United Kingdom.

General Report on the Activities of the EU

Legislative Observatory
Records of European Parliament procedures, with dates of legislative stages and links to the documentation.

Legislative Procedures (EUR-Lex)
Database on inter-institutional procedures following the major stages in the EU decision-making process.

Print and microform collections

The University of Warwick is a European Documentation Centre (EDC), providing access to EU information to local communities and supporting teaching and research within the University.

The EDC is located on Floor 4 of the Library, at the classmark range 4 M to 4 P and includes official documentation from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, as follows:

Treaties - 4 P 4 - 4 P 8

Regulations, directives and decisions

Adopted legislation is published in the Official Journal ā€™Lā€™ series (OJL).

  • 1979-1983: microfiche (Floor 2 extension)
  • 1983-1997: 4 P 10
  • 1998 onwards: online on EUR-Lex

Legislation proposed by the European Commission and opinions on legislative proposals from the Economic and Social Committee are published in the Official Journal ā€˜Cā€™ series (OJC).

  • 1979-1983: microfiche (Floor 2 extension)
  • 1983-1997: 4 MJE 10
  • 1998 onwards: online on EUR-Lex

COM documents - working documents from the Commission include proposals for legislation, reports and policy documents.

  • 1983-2002: microfiche (Floor 2 extension)
  • 1999 onwards: online on EUR-Lex

Opinions and Reports of the Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

  • 1984-2002: microfiche (Floor 2 extension)

EU law reports are shelved within the EDC collection.

Eurostat statistics are shelved with other printed statistics on Floor 4.

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Contact: library at warwick dot ac dot uk

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