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Official Publications

 Key electronic resources

Key electronic resources

 Useful websites

Details of of UK public sector local government organisations and their websites. 
Provides links to the websites of all UK Government Departments and Agencies.

Provides information on US Government information, including Federal and local information.
Details of UK historic and current legislation, with RSS feeds for new legislation , current awareness and useful links to other websites.

UK Parliament
Information and publications from the UK Houses of Parliament.

World Government Resources
Provides links to worldwide legal resources, including Government websites, and legal information.

Print collections

The Official Publications collection is located on Floor 4 of the Library. Many older items in the collection are not listed on the online catalogue, but staff can assist you to find them. A printed guide is available on Floor 4 with full details of the holdings and formats (print, microprint, microfilm or microfiche).

British Official Publications are publications of, or for, the British Government and its Departments. The University of Warwick collection includes Parliamentary Papers, non-Parliamentary Publications published by The Stationery Office (TSO), formerly HMSO and some Official Publications published by other sources.

Many official publications are now available in full text from Government Departments' and Agencies' web pages. Details of these can be found on the A-Z listings of the Government website,

Scope of the Collection

The Library has a complete set of Sessional Papers in a variety of formats (i.e. all Parliamentary Papers from each Parliamentary Session, collected chronologically by Session), from 1736 to 1972. From 1973 onwards the Library holds a selected range of Sessional papers, including debates of the Houses of Commons and Lords; all Command Papers; Bills, Commons and Lords Committee reports and proceedings; and a selective collection of other House of Commons Papers. Printed indexes are available in the Floor 4 reference collection.

Using the Classification Scheme

The scheme uses a mixture of numbers and letters. All British Official Publications start with the classification number 41, denoting UK.

The second element is a letter: M, N or P:

  • M - a parliamentary publication
  • N - a government department publication
  • P - an enacted law publication

The third part of the classification number denotes the type of material, i.e.:

  • 10 - Annual Report and Accounts. Items are shelved alphabetically by organisation.
  • 20 - a Series or Yearbook. Items are shelved alphabetically by organisation.
  • 30 - a Stationery Office Monograph. Items are shelved by year of publication.
  • 33 - denotes anything produced by the House of Lords. Shelved by Parliamentary Session and then broken down into alphabetical sequence of paper and bills.
  • 35 - House of Commons Command papers. Shelved numerically by command number. Papers prior to Cm 4600 may be located elsewhere, e.g. if an Annual Report it may be shelved with Annual Reports at 41 N 10.
  • 35.1 - Miscellaneous House of Commons Papers. Shelved by Session.
  • 37.5 - House of Commons Standing Committee Debates. Shelved by Session.
  • 38 - House of Commons Bills. Shelved by Session and then alphabetically.
  • 39 - House of Commons Select Committee Reports and Minutes of evidence. Shelved by Session and then Committee name.
  • 40 - Royal Commission Reports. Shelved alphabetically by title.
  • 44 - Committee reports. Shelved alphabetically by title.

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