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Statistical Data

 Key electronic resources

Key electronic resources for Statistical Data provide authoritative economic, financial and social data from a range of countries, NGOs and companies. Two databases are especially recommended:

Datastream is available on one dedicated PC on Floor 1 of the Library. It provides international financial, company and macroeconomic data.

The UK Data Service (Formerly ESDS) provides access and support for a wide range of economic and social macrodata and microdata, plus panel data from major UK Government surveys. Registration is required to view most of the datasets. To access data, click Login and then click Login to UK Data Service.

 Useful websites

Use this alphabetical list to access quality statistical resources for a range of social and economic topics. If you need any help in selecting or using sources, please contact Helen Riley.

UK websites European websites International websites Other websites

Census. UK Data Service Census Support

EU Directorates-General. Data on EU topics produced independently of Eurostat. ASEAN
Trade and macroeconomic data
United Nations links to countries' statistical websites.
Country profiles of statistical systems worldwide. UK Government departments' websites.

Eurobarometer. Public opinion surveys from EU member-states.

Asian Development Bank. Statistical data, publications and econometric models.

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. A range of statistics relating to US Labour.
The National Archives (Public Record Office) includes 19th century and 1901 Population Census data online. European Central Bank. Includes financial and macroeconomic data and ECB surveys. Demographic health surveys (Measure DHS)
Developing countries' data. Free registration is required.
United States Census Bureau
Statistical information on the US population.
National Statistics (Office for National Statistics) includes time series.

European Economy

European Commission statistical indicators, economic forecasts, economic papers and reports.

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
Information from the United Nations.

American FactFinder
including data on US States.

Statistical profiles for US States.

  Eurostat. A range of official EU statistics covering the last 10 years. Earlier data is available on CD-ROMs - please contact the Statistics Librarian. Resources for Economists. American Economic Association listing of resources in Economics. World Fact Book (CIA). Statistical information on countries worldwide, collected by the CIA.
    UNESCO. UNESCO Institute for Statistics data on education and culture.  
    UNICEF. Information on the work of the United Nations Children's Fund  
    United Nations Statistics Division
Includes UNData.
    WHO (World Health Organisation)
WHO Statistical Information System.

Please note: The links on this page are to external websites. The University of Warwick has no control over external sites and is not responsible for their content. Please contact Helen Riley if you need any help.

Print collections

The Library has an extensive historical collection of statistical publications, with some material dating back to the late nineteeth century. The collection is held on Floor 4 and in the Library Stores. Most statistical series may be found by using Library Search; other series held in the External Store have been separately listed. You can download the list as a spreadsheet (563 KB) for searching. Please contact staff at the Library Help Desk if you would like this material to be fetched, or fill in this form.

The publications are arranged by geographical area in a decimal arrangement: The general subject breakdown is as follows:
INT International organisations A General statistical compilations
4 Europe e.g. 41 = UK B International trade
5 Asia C General production and industries
6 Africa D Prices
7 North and Central America E Financial statistics
8 South America F Labour and employment
9 Oceania G Distribution, marketing, advertising, sales
    H Population and demography
    J Social statistics
    K Environmental statistics

Please contact the Statistical Data Librarian Helen Riley if you cannot find the data which you require.

Your Academic Support Librarian - TBC

Contact: library at warwick dot ac dot uk

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