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ColorVeil Colour screen filter

A free screen filter is now available via the software centre when you are using Library computers or you can download it directly onto your own computer from the Aurelitec website .

Within the Library, to access the Software Center go to the ‘Start’ menu, ‘All programmes’ and then select ‘Software Center.

Once at the software centre, select ‘ColorVeil’ and select ‘Install.

Software centre screenshot
ColourVeil install screenshot

The ColorVeil icon will then display in the bottom corner taskbar where you can adjust the colour and settings.

Tue 05 Jun 2018, 16:13

Welcome to the Library!

We would like to welcome all our new and returning students to the Library this academic year.

Over the summer we have had numerous changes including new Inspiration (mind maps for visual learning) assistive software, available in the Assistive Technology Area and also Accessible Study Room 214.

We have improved our Accessible Study Rooms by decorating, installing phone lines pre-programmed with essential numbers and having automatic doors installed. We have also scrapped the use of a PIN number, and access is solely by the University card used to make the booking.

We also have a new Accessible Study Room with adjustable furniture and assistive software, now available at LG2, University House.

Accessible Study Room 505 has been modified to become Sensory Study Room 505 ; a study and sensory space with additions such as a bubble tube, rocking chair, bean bag and sensory objects. We need your feedback!! Please get in touch via the online feedback forms, email (link) or use the post its and feedback box provided in the room.

Tue 07 Nov 2017, 16:16

Mead Gallery art in the Accessible Study Rooms

The Mead Gallery have installed artwork into each of our Accessible Study Rooms.

Please give us your feedback using either the paper forms, or the online feedback form. If your feedback is to an individual piece of artwork, please specify the room number.

Thank you.

Mead Gallery art
Mead Gallery art
Tue 04 Apr 2017, 09:30

Accessible study rooms - you said, we listened!

Thank you to everyone who has completed an Accessible Study Room feedback form. We are pleased to announce the following changes based on the feedback we have received.

You said:

Rooms to be bookable for longer?

We listened:

Rooms are now bookable for three hours per day rather than two.

You said:

Ability to stay in a room if not booked?

We listened:

Once you have exceeded your three hour daily booking limit, you are now able use the door controller to book additional half hour slots, provided the room has not been booked by another customer. You can only book the current slot for example, if you want the 12.00 - 12.30 slot, you can only book this after 12.00. You will need to repeat this process each half hour.

You said:

Advanced booking time to be increased?

We listened:

Rooms can now be booked four weeks in advance as opposed to two.

You said:

Better range of whiteboard pens?

We listened:

We have added more whiteboard pen colours to the rooms as requested. Please continue to leave us feedback. There are paper forms within the Accessible Study Room and the online form is here (link).

Please continue to leave us feedback. There are paper forms within the Accessible Study Room and you can use the online form.

Tue 07 Mar 2017, 10:33

New computers within the Accessible Study Rooms

We have installed new computers in all of our Accessible Study Rooms within the Main Library. In addition, each computer now has two monitors. More information.

Tue 24 Jan 2017, 09:30

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