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BioMed Grid

The BioMed Grid is a flexible and informal space for individual or group study, tailored specifically to the needs of Biological Sciences and Medical Students.

There are currently five Grids, four for students: BioMed Grid, The Learning Grid in University House, Learning Grid Leamington, Learning Grid Rootes and a fifth for teaching staff: The Teaching Grid.

We offer a range of spaces to allow you to pick what works for you - whether it's individual study, working collaboratively, presentation activities or using technology.

Student studying in the BioMed Grid

BioMed Grid


Warwick Medical School
Gibbet Hill Road
The University of Warwick


Entrance and exit is by University card only. (Please note: temporary Library passes will not be accepted). The entrance is also suitable for anyone with mobility issues.


For rules, regulations and space information, see Which Grid to use?


  • iMac
  • Smartboards
  • Panaboard
  • Plasma screens
  • Reference books
  • Numbered medical guides
  • Kyocera printers

Using the space

Please behave responsibly by abiding by our Code of Conduct.

Medical models

We have a great collection of models including a full size skeleton. Although we cannot allow the items to be removed from the Grid, our late opening hours mean you have access to these resources beyond the availability of the Medical Schools own collection.

You will need to surrender your University ID card to the Assistant on duty and they will open up the area for you to use. Your card will be handed back once the equipment has been checked in.

Students studying in the BioMed Grid

Clinical Skills Area

The Clinical Skills area of the BioMed Grid can be booked to practise and improve skills.

We possess a large array of medical equipment, available for free use. To access the equipment you will need to surrender your University ID card to the Assistant on duty and they will open up the equipment cabinet for you. When you have finished all the equipment will be checked off as returned and your card handed back to you.

The Clinical Skills equipment list includes;

  • Otoscope (black hand held instrument with a conical end used to look into the ear)
  • Opthalmoscope (similar to otoscope, but without the conical end, instead a flat paddle-like end with a dial on, used to look into the eye)
  • Model heads to use with the opthalmoscopes showing 44 different retinas
  • 6 x Stethoscopes
  • 6 x Sphygmanometer (old fashioned blood pressure - arm band with a pump)
  • Pen torches
  • Tuning fork ( test vibration sense by placing over a bony protrusion)
  • Reflex hammers (tendon reflexes)
  • Weighing scales.
  • Couch
  • Revision aids (stored in Adviser cupboard - one for Finals Revision and one with Revision Summaries)

Book the Clinical Skills area Book the Clinical Skills area

If you wish to make a suggestion for equipment in the BioMed Grid, please use our online form ยป

Clock Opening times


Library Services are open online, even though our buildings are closed for access. Find out about our plans to re-start Library services.

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Clinical Skills Experience

Interested in applying to the medical school? The Community Engagement Team also run taster sessions in The Teaching Grid in the Library. Learn the basics of history taking, examination and clinical skills.