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Main Library study space guide

The main Library contains several study spaces - each with different noise tolerance levels and rules concerning food, drink and laptop use.

Study spaces Study spaces

Silent study

2 rooms on floor 2 extension
  • Absolutely no talking
  • Individual study only
  • Silent texting only
  • No food
  • Check out the signs to find out where you can use your laptop
  • Only drink bottled water

Quiet study

Floors 3, 4, 5 and the extension floors
  • Low volume, brief conversations only
  • Individual study only
  • Silent texting only
  • Cold food can be eaten
  • Laptops in certain areas only (see overhead signs)
  • Only drink bottled water

Collaborative working

Floors 1 and 2
  • Group work is allowed in this area
  • Mobile phones can be used for conversations- please keep the volume at an acceptable level
  • Cold food can be eaten
  • You can drink hot and cold drinks
  • Laptops can be used everywhere in this area


  • Stairwells can be used for limited, phone conversations, but if the area becomes too crowded you will be asked to move to allow free passage of emergency exits
  • Please do not sit on the stairwells as this creates a hazard for others
  • Food and drink should not be consumed on any staircase and Library customers should not sit down on the steps for Health and Safety reasons


Toilets can be used for telephone conversations, but you should move right in to the toilets and not stay in the toilet lobby areas.

The Bridge

(between the Main Building and the Extension Building)

  • Silence should be observed on the Bridge
  • Food and drink should not be consumed
  • Mobile phones should not be used

Lift lobby areas

  • Lift lobby areas floors 1 and 2 - Library customers are able to talk and have mobile phone conversations
  • Lift lobby areas floors 3,4,5 and extension floors - Library customers should follow the rules of the quiet study i.e. very low volume, brief conversations and no mobile phone conversations

Study space availability Study space availability

Study space is in high demand across our Library facilities. During our busiest periods, particularly in Term 3, we provide some extra help.

Space Hog campaign

Through our Space Hog campaign, we raise awareness of how valuable Library study spaces are, and ask our Library community to be fair to others and use the space considerately.

It’s up to you to tell us if a desk is being hogged. Do this by using our text service. Text ‘HOG’ plus ‘the desk number being hogged’ to 07788 351 382 – our Facilities Team will then follow up to encourage everyone to be a considerate member of our Library community.

Finding alternative study space on campus

  • Have you explored all of our Library managed study spaces? The Library’s facilities include: The Main Library building, our Learning Grids; University House, Rootes, Leamington and BioMed Grid, as well as, for postgraduates and researchers, the PG Hub and Wolfson Research Exchange (REx). See opening hours
  • If you still can’t find somewhere to work in our Library spaces, please ask a member of the Library team, they may be able to help
  • Alternatively, there are other study spaces around campus: Central Timetabling also make a number of rooms available for study – these will be available from week one of term three

Food and drink Food and drink

  • You can drink bottled water anywhere in the Library
  • You can drink hot & cold drinks in most areas of the Library. Please throw all packaging and cups away when you have finished
  • You cannot eat hot food anywhere in the Library. Food purchased in Cafe Library must be eaten within the cafe, outside or in any other building on campus where hot food is eaten. Please do not bring in hot takeaway food that has gone cold as this can be greasy, messy and strong smelling
  • Do not have take away food delivered to the Library
  • You can eat cold food in most areas of the Library. Please be considerate to others and as a general rule avoid smelly, greasy and messy food and food in noisy packaging
  • Silent Study Room 2 is designated as a no food or drink and no laptop, mobile phone or technology area. This is an area where students can study in silence. You can drink bottled water
  • Food and drink should not be consumed on any stairwells for health and safety reasons
  • It is inappropriate to drink alcohol in the Library. The Library is a place to study, not a social area
  • Library staff will ask you to move to another area of the Library or remind you of the Library rules if they feel that you are not using the area appropriately and are disturbing other students

The Library asks that you respect the study space and be considerate to others by clearing your rubbish away and recycling waste wherever possible. Leave the study space in the same condition that you would hope to find it in.