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Collaboration Area

What can you use it for

The Collaboration Area can be used for teaching enhancement, meetings and training sessions relating to teaching and learning. Examples include meeting with colleagues from your own or other departments, curriculum planning, learning how to use new teaching technologies, working with Teaching Grid staff or peer-to-peer presentations. This is an open collaborative space that can be noisy at times.

Part of the Collaboration Area can also be booked for lectures, workshops and training sessions for up to 30 people, and for individual practice.

People using the Collaboration Area

Who can use it

The Collaboration Area is accessible by card access to teaching & learning staff, postgraduates who teach and PGCE students.

In addition, we welcome students booked on sessions scheduled in the Collaboration Area.

What is provided

  • Available for booking and drop-ins (but booking is advisable)
  • It can accommodate up to 24 people with cabaret tables or 30 in rows. The furniture is flexible, the comfortable capacity of this space depends on your activity
  • There is a range of furniture and technology available for use in the space but you must mention your requirements when booking as these are shared with the other spaces and may already be booked by another customer
  • The facilities from the Studio formerly in Learning Grid University House have been relocated to the Teaching Grid. This includes 6 iMacs


  • Flexible furniture (including privacy curtains, sofas, tables and chairs)
  • Teaching technology (including interactive whiteboards, laptops and tablets)
  • Internet access
  • Power sockets
  • Complimentary hot drinks

See our resources list or contact us if you would like more information about the technologies or furniture available.

Booking policy

For the bookable area:

The Collaboration Area is available for any small (up to 30 people) teaching-related presentations, workshops, planning, preparation, meetings and practice that meet the booking criteria below. It can also be booked alongside the Experimental Teaching Space if you need a larger space.Please contact the Community Engagement team if your request falls outside these activities.

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Please remember to include details of what furniture you will need along with any technology.

Terms 1 and 2

Your session should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Developmental to your teaching practice or the first repeat of a developmental session you have done
  2. Part of a teaching & learning initiative to improve University pedagogy
  3. Uses equipment not available elsewhere in the University
  4. It is less than a week until the session

Vacation & term 3

The session must be Teaching & Learning related.

The Staff Development Collection

The Staff Development Collection contains books and materials specially selected to support those teaching in a Higher Education environment. Topics include Research Methods in Education, Supporting Students, Adult Learning, Plagiarism, E-moderating and Assertiveness at Work. The Staff Development Collection can be browsed from the comfort of the Collaboration Area or borrowed from the library in the normal way. You can search for “Staff Development Collection” in the Library catalogue to see a list of current titles, some of which are also available from the normal shelving.

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Watch our video - Using the Collaboration Area

Want to book the Experimental Teaching Space instead?

Not sure which space is suitable for you? Contact us for guidance.