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Experimental Teaching space

What can you use it for

The Experimental Teaching Space can be used for lectures, workshops and trainingsessions that meet the requirements below. It can also be used for individual practice. Noise can sometimes travel to and from the main floor so please consider if your session requires silence or is of a confidential nature. To find out more, speak to a member of the Community Engagement Team.

People using the Collaboration Area

Who can use it

Any member of staff or Postgraduate who teaches can book the Experimental Teaching Space if the planned session meets the requirements below. Any students attending a session must be supervised by the session leader at all times to comply with the University's JANET agreement.

What is provided

There is a range of furniture and technology available for use in the space but you must mention your requirements when booking as these are shared with the other spaces and may already be booked by another customer. The space includes 7 projectors and curtains for dividing the space. There is a wealth of technology available for use - see our resources or please contact us for more details.


The space can accommodate 68 people seated or 82 people without seating.

Booking policy

Customers can request to book this space online. Please remember to include details of what furniture you will need along with any technology. The purpose of the Experimental Teaching Space is to facilitate development in Teaching & Learning at the University, and as such there are a strict set of booking criteria:

Terms 1 and 2

Your session should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Developmental to your teaching practice or the first repeat of a developmental session you have done
  2. Part of a teaching & learning initiative to improve University pedagogy
  3. Uses equipment not available elsewhere in the University
  4. It is less than a week until the session

Vacation & term 3

The session must be Teaching & Learning related.

Not sure which space is suitable for you? Get in touch.

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Alternative venues

If our areas are already booked, you may want to try the facilities offered by IATL or the The Ramphal Building. All venues have flexible teaching spaces available for innovative teaching use. To discuss your event needs, please contact the Centres directly.