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Teaching Grid resources

Individual Training on Teaching Grid technologies

Training on hardware and software you can use in the Library’s spaces.

  • Engage your students by using technology to instantly share resources and collect ideas from your students
  • Immerse your students in another world in the Library’s flexible teaching spaces
  • One-to-one or small group training
  • Tailored to your needs and level of experience
  • Work at your own pace
  • Signposting to training available elsewhere at Warwick
What can we train you on?

We can train you to use any of our equipment (below) as well as offering consultation on the best use of the flexibility of the spaces.

Technology to use in our Flexible Spaces

Do you want to experiment with technology to support your teaching? We provide flexible technology to use in our Flexible Spaces and we’ll support you in using it.

We have a range of equipment available. Email us at teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk to find out how it can help you and your students, or look below to find out what we have available and why you may want to use them.

How do I book training?

Email us and let us know:

  • What equipment you would like training on
  • What you would like to be able to do with the equipment
  • A few suggestions of when would be a good time for you
Extended Classroom technologies

Have you discovered the Extended Classroom technologies supported by IT Services?

Personal Response System (PRS)

  • Test students’ knowledge or ideas about a topic at the beginning of a session to inform which areas to focus teaching on
    • Students receive immediate feedback. Get students to reflect on and discuss their answers
    • Re-run the same questions at the end of the session to see whether their answers have changed
  • Create a set of questions and add to your Powerpoint slides. Students answer using the handsets. Response counts are updated live on the big screen, and when ready you can reveal the answer

Case studies from teaching at Warwick:

Hyperlink Introduction to designing engaging lectures with ResponseWare - Robert O'Toole

Hyperlink Pre-sessionals - Pete Sharma

Hyperlink Introduction to designing engaging lectures with ResponseWare - Robert O’Toole

Hyperlink  Reviewing and Evaluating Your Teaching - Emma King

PRS handsets

Quantity: 40

Description: Electronic, interactive voting handsets (sometimes called ‘clickers’).

Hyperlink Academic Technologies Getting Started Guide


Dell Windows laptop

Quantity: 24

Description: Windows laptop running Windows 7. Includes Microsoft Office and Skype software.

Hyperlink Case study: Italian Language II - Joanne Lee


Quantity: 32

Description: Thin laptop running Chrome operating system. Best used with an internet connection.

Hyperlink to PDF See user guide PDF Document

Interactive whiteboards

  • Allow students to work as a team
  • Annotate your discussions

Interactive Whiteboards — sometimes called SMART Boards, Promethean Boards, or Interactive Plasma Screens — allow you to interact directly with a computer using your fingers instead of a mouse. They also allow you to use special pens to write on them.

  • Annotate your slides when discussing with students
  • Highlight the important parts of an image
  • Provide visual commentary for a video
  • Capture student responses
  • Save your work for revision
  • Allow students to engage with the content
  • Create interactive slide-decks

Hyperlink Case study: France and the World since 1945 - David Lees

Hyperlink Case study: Culture and Citizenship - Mukul Saxena

Hyperlink Case study: Undergraduate Problem Solving - Jenni Ingram

SMART board

Quantity: 4

Description: A large touchscreen to present and annotate. You can run your PowerPoint, web browser, videos or images, and then you can annotate them. The results can be saved and shared.

Hyperlink Find out more

Description: Interactive touchscreen electronic whiteboard.

Wireless projection

Share anything from anywhere with wireless projection.

  • Anyone can contribute
  • Teach from anywhere

Wireless projection sets you free from cables and allows students to easily share their screens.

  • Project from phones, tablets, and computers
  • Project from anywhere in the space; from the podium, from your seat, or from the students
  • Allow students to share their screens with the class
  • Easily switch between different devices
  • Project multiple devices on the same screen at the same time
  • Project videos, images, a specific application, or your entire screen
  • Easily show and hide items as you need them

Wireless casting with Solstice

Wireless projection is also available via Solstice in a number of IT Services supported spaces.

Hyperlink More information

Wireless presenter

Quantity: 3

Description: Remote clicker with laser pointer for presentations.

Hyperlink Case study: Greek Culture and Society: Handling Session November 2013 - Dr Michael Scott and Dr David Fearn

Multiple projectors

Compare and contrast with multiple projectors.

  • Compare side by side
  • Surround yourself in moving colour
  • Choose the right lay-out
  • Create immersive environments

Having the choice of which projector to use, or using more than one at the same time, opens up many possibilities.

  • Choose the best location for your projection
  • Use between one and eight screens simultaneously
  • Compare and contrast, side by side
  • Create backdrops and immersive environments
  • Allow students to work in groups around different projectors


Quantity: 8

Hyperlink Case study: Modernity and Innovation in the Audio-Visual Media - Charlotte Brunsdon

Hyperlink Case study: Modernity and Innovation in the Audio-Visual Media- Session two - Charlotte Brunsdon

The Oculus

Most of the teaching rooms in The Oculus are equipped with more than one projector screen.

Hyperlink More information


A whiteboard the size of a flip chart that can also save and share your work. Take snap-shots for revision notes or share a live image over the internet — to the back of the room or around the world.

  • Broadcast your notes
  • Create revision aids as you go

SMART Kapp has the added benefit that anything you draw or write can be digitally captured or broadcast.

  • Capture your notes digitally for easy distribution
  • Allow students at the back of the room to see your diagrams on their devices
  • Allow students to capture what’s important to them
  • Share what’s on the board in real-time with students participating remotely or along-side a webinar

SMART kapp whiteboard

Quantity: 1

Hyperlink See user guide PDF Document

Hyperlink Watch a video

Audio recording

Listen back with audio recording. Record audio when students present from the front, capture group discussions, or enable students to capture interviews.

  • Capture discussions for assessment
  • Provide feedback in the moment
  • Allow students to listen back to role-play or presentations
  • Listen-in to multiple groups at the same time
  • Record just your audio to share with students alongside your slides
  • Enable students to make audio notes as they work

Hyperlink Case study: Team work training for ST4040 Applied Statistical Modelling – Dr Elke Thonnes

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Quantity: 9

Description: Voice recorder/mp3 player.

Hyperlink See user guide PDF Document

Listen back

Record audio when students present from the front, capture group discussions, or enable students to capture interviews.

Hyperlink Find out more

Video recording

Play it back with video recording. Record student presentations for assessment, capture role-play for self-reflection or use constructionism techniques in your teaching.

  • See things from a different angle
  • Provide relatable feedback

Video recorders allow you to easily capture sound and video, from multiple angles and play it back either on the device or on a computer.

  • Record presentations for assessment
  • Allow students to watch their own presentations back
  • Get students to produce short videos to demonstrate understanding
  • Flip your classroom with pre-recorded lectures
  • Edit videos to add stimuli, animated graphs and communicate more

Canon Legria HF R18 camcorder

Quantity: 2

Description: HD camcorder.


Quantity: 10

Description: Tripods suitable for the cameras and video camera.

Canon HD video camera

Quantity: 3

Description: Professional HD video camera with directional mic.

Hyperlink See user guide PDF Document

Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is available in every centrally timetabled lecture theatre, many of the larger seminar rooms, and a number of locally timetabled rooms.

Hyperlink More information

iPad Pro

Quantity: 2

Description: iPad running iOS 7.

Accessories available:

  • cradles for tripod attachment x2
  • directional microphones x2

Hyperlink Case study: Diploma in Coaching - Bob Thomson

Hyperlink Case study: MA in Educational Assessment - Catherine Zara


Provide a toolkit with iPad. Allow your students to:

  • Capture sound, pictures, or video
  • Remix, annotate, and collaborate
  • Record, share, and present

iPads are versatile tablet computers. Easy to use and portable, a wealth of apps enable a large range of uses.

  • Empower students to easily capture, create, edit and review
  • Create and edit presentations, videos, reports, images, and interactive quizzes
  • Review materials fluidly with the touch screen
  • Use specialist apps to redefine your teaching
  • Allow students to easily work on team projects together


Quantity: 20

User guide: Apple iPad user guide

Hyperlink Case study: Pedagogy of the iPad - Robert O’Toole

iPad Mini

Quantity: 20

Description: iPad Mini.

Accessories available: dock keyboard x7.

User guide: Apple iPad user guide


Create multimedia with iMac:

  • Produce video to tell a story
  • Produce audio to explain a thought
  • Produce presentations to engage and inform
  • Create engaging media and edit in comfort

iMacs, with their large high-quality screens, are excellent for media production.

  • Create and edit audio, video, and presentations
  • Easily connect to microphones, cameras, and other devices
  • Large screen for editing HD video
  • Easily capture your screen and add simple animations, highlights, and text to produce clear presentations
  • Record high-quality audio commentaries


Quantity: 6

Description: Running OSX Yosemite. Includes iMovie, Screenflow and Final Cut Pro software.

Personal Capture

You can combine voiceovers with PowerPoint slides and screen recordings in your office using Personal Capture.

Hyperlink More information

Hyperlink Case study: Academic Integrity Tutorials - Robert O’Toole

Hyperlink Case study: Media Workshop Experience - Robert O’Toole

Accessories and other equipment


Quantity: 1

Description: A large touchscreen to present and annotate. You can run your PowerPoint, web browser, videos or images, and then you can annotate them. The results can be saved and shared.

Hyperlink Find out more

Electronic whiteboard. Content can be saved to USB or printed.

Hyperlink See user guide PDF Document

Microlab Mobile Music Cube

Microlab Music Cube

Quantity: 1

Description: Portable speakers.

Hyperlink See user guide PDF Document

LiteOn drive

Quantity: 1

Description: External DVD drive.


Quantity: 1

Description: Connect to a monitor to display content from Android devices.

Canon digital still camera

Quantity: 6

Description: Digital camera.

Class Box

Quantity: 1

Description: Show-me set contains 35 A4 whiteboards, pens and mini erasers. These can be used for Mind mapping, teamwork, ideas boards etc.

Portable speakers

Quantity: 1

Description: Portable speakers.

Hyperlink to PDF user guide See user guide PDF Document