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Teaching Grid space availability

Info Please note: We have updated our booking policy.

Flexible spaces

Flexible spaces for teaching and connecting

  • Engage your students by changing the scenery
  • Flexible furniture to design the space around your activities
  • Flexible technology to augment, modify, and redefine teaching & learning
  • Rooms that allow Open-space Learning
  • Facilitate group work, performance, or student-led teaching & learning
  • Engage students’ bodies and minds
  • Book for teaching, or teaching community events

We currently have two flexible spaces you can book — the Experimental Teaching Space and the Collaboration Area. Not sure which space is suitable for you? Get in touch.


The Experimental Teaching Space Is equipped with 7 projectors — 6 of which have Solstice Pods — and the Collaboration Area has one projector which is equipped with a Solstice Pod. Both spaces also have access to our collection of technologies.

Individual training is available on Teaching Grid technologies to help you make best use of them.

Please note: Teaching Grid staff do not accept responsibility for removing or transferring any data from our devices. Our devices are routinely formatted to remove any saved files.

Booking policy

The purpose of the Teaching Grid is to facilitate the development of teaching and co-creation at the University, and as such we ask that sessions meet the following criteria:


Academics can book for sessions that will involve students as learners or partners and are either:

  • First time use of the spaces
  • Developmental to their teaching
  • Using equipment or resources not available elsewhere in the University
  • In less than a week’s time and are teaching and learning related

Teaching partners

  • Academic Development Centre
  • Academic Technology Team
  • IATL
  • Warwick International Higher Education Academy

Our teaching partners can book the space for sessions that are teaching and learning related, within agreed limits.

Other university staff

During terms 1 and 2

Non-academic members of the University can book the space for sessions that are teaching and learning related workshops and training events happening within the next 5 working days.

During term 3 & vacations

Non-academic members of the University can book the space for teaching and learning related workshops and training events. Bookings cannot be made more than one term in advance, i.e.:

  • Christmas vacation: bookings taken from start of summer vacation
  • Easter vacation: bookings taken from start of Christmas vacation
  • Term 3: bookings taken from start of term 2
  • Summer vacation: bookings taken from start of Easter vacation

Please remember: making a booking request does not guarantee you a booking until you have had confirmation from us.

Availability calendar

Calendar key

green square Green = Collaboration Area

blue square Blue = Experimental Teaching Space

pink square Pink = Both spaces

yellow square Yellow = Equipment loan

If a booking is colour coded in green or blue then it means only one of the spaces is booked, and the other space may still be available for booking. If you are unsure whether the space is available, please email teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Monday 18 Nov - Sunday 15 Dec 2019

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Nov 18 19 20 21 22
- 1 of the shared laptops for use by Ewout Buckens
- APP EXP Assessment and Feedback - John Kirkman CA
- Rolf's Cat Cafe - UGCE
- 1 of the shared laptops for use by Ewout Buckens
- PGA TEL Workshop 1rpt - Jess Humphreys ETS
- The Wolfson Research Exchange & Ph.D. Life at Warwick University - Penny Mosavian Collaboration Area
- 20 of the shared laptops for use by Catriona Matthews in Seminar Room
- WIHEA Seminar Series Event - Michelle Kulpa Collaboration Area
- WIHEA Seminar Series Event - Michelle Kulpa Experimental Teaching Space
- APP EXP Introductory Workshops - John Kirkman Collaboration Area
- PGA TEL Workshop 2 rpt - Jess Humphreys ETS
- Media and Cultural Policy Laboratory - Juliana Holanda and Pietari Kaapa
- Extended Classroom Drop in - Kerry Pinny
- UGCE borrowing laptop+charger
- Education Forum - Leti Gramaglia Experimental Teaching Space
- Laptops unavailable
- Study Happy Active - UGCE
25 26 27 28 29
- WIHEA Workshop: Trans inclusive teaching and learning guidance - Michelle Kulpa Both Spaces
- Languages Widening Participation Event: Glastonbury Goes Global - Holly Langstaff Both Spaces
- SSLC Strategy Session for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine - Elke Thonnes ETS
- Staff training - Kieron Punch Both Spaces
- Extended Classroom (TEL) Forum - Kerry Pinny ETS
- Arts Faculty Careers and Research Drop-in Session - Kathryn Woods ETS
- Laptops unavailable
- An introduction to Coaching and Mentoring PhD students from CNU University China - Cathy Prentice ETS
Dec 2 3 4 5 6
- Rolf's Cat Cafe - UGCE
- Mind, Body, and Society,Research Workshop - Elise Smith ETS
- Super User Community Meeting - Kerry Pinny Collaboration Area
- Dragons' Den - Penny Mosavian Experimental Teaching Space
- Library Associates session - Kate Courage Both Spaces
- Extended Classroom Drop in - Kerry Pinny
- All available laptops for use by Chris Bradford
- Christmas All Staff Event ETS and CA
- Laptops unavailable
- Tabula Teaching Tool User Group Meeting - John Millist Collaboration Area
- Study Happy Active - UGCE
9 10 11 12 13
- APP EXP Introductory Workshops - John Kirkman Collaboration Area
- Warwick Innovation Project Open Call Meeting - Elena Riva ETS
- Library booking - Robin Green Both Spaces
- What I learnt at the Microsoft Bootcamp for Education - Ninna Makrinov ETS
- Set up time for Cathy for Session in TG tomorrow morning ETS and CA
- Academic Poster Presentations - Cathy Prentice ETS and CA
- Academic Services Christmas event
- Extended Classroom Drop in - Kerry Pinny
- Warwick Leadership Programme Workshop 1 Combined Institutional Context and Priorities - Kevin Hamer Both spaces
- Laptops unavailable

Submit a booking request

Calendar Book terms 1 and 2

Calendar Book term 3 and vacation

Calendar View availablility

Booking information

Bookable times are:

Term Time - Mon-Fri: 09:00-19:00 (self-service 16:00-19:00)

Vacation - Mon-Fri: 10:00-16:00 (self-service)

If you would like to book outside of these times or if you require support during a self-service time please let us know and we will look into possibilities.

Please leave at least 30 minutes between your booking and existing bookings. This will allow us to have the room tidy and setup when you arrive. Longer changeover times may be required depending on setup requirements for both bookings.

Maximum room capacity
Experimental Teaching Space
  • 7 projectors
  • 60 - cabaret
  • 68 - seated in rows
  • 82 - without furniture
Collaboration Area
  • 1 projector
  • 20 - cabaret
  • 30 - in rows
  • 30 - without furniture
Both rooms
  • 80 - cabaret
  • 98 - in rows
  • 112 - without furniture

The furniture is flexible and comfortable capacity will depend on your activity.

Please note: The Teaching Grid is restricted by card access for all those who teach at Warwick. Please check in advance that your card access is working and if there are any problems, please email us at teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Alternative venues

If our areas are already booked, you may want to try the facilities offered by IATL, or the The Ramphal Building. All venues have flexible teaching spaces available for innovative teaching use. To discuss your event needs, please contact the Centres directly.