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Which Learning Grid should I use?

Here's an overview of what multimedia resources you can find at the different grids and information on how to use the grids.

  University House - flexible and informal, designed for you to work however – and whenever – suits you. We encourage collaborative study in the form of discussions, brainstorming, and presentation activities. Rootes - Based in the centre of the campus, Grid Rootes has study zones for collaborative and individual work. This grid hosts cultural events and Study Happy wellbeing events, as well as careers drop-ins. Leamington - Set out primarily for individual study, Grid Leamington is a quieter environment than the other grids. This grid is designed to support students living off-campus in the town of Leamington Spa. BioMed Grid - a flexible and informal space for individual or group study, tailored specifically to the needs of Biological Sciences and Medical Students.
iMac Yes Yes On request Yes
Smartboard Yes No No Yes
Panaboard Yes No Yes Yes
Document visualiser Yes No No No
Plasma screens Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reference books Yes No No Yes

Guides for BioMed Grid Clinical Skills equipment:

Using the Learning Grids


  • The Learning Grids promote collaborative study and actively encourage group work in the form of discussion, problem solving, brainstorming and presentation activities.
  • All areas of Learning Grid University House and BioMed Grid are designed for group work in the forms of discussion, brainstorming and presentation activities. Dialogue, debate and conversation are all welcome.
  • Learning Grid Leamington is mainly set out for individual study and it is therefore a quieter environment; there is a small soft seating area for collaborative work and a bookable group study/presentation room.
  • Learning Grid Rootes offers both individual and collaborative study zones, and as such, it is a different environment to Learning Grid University House and Learning Grid Leamington.

Please note: Although all spaces foster collaborative work, we ask that you are mindful of other students using the spaces and that you keep noise to a minimum in individual study areas. We are mobile phone tolerant within the collaborative areas. We do not have a silent study area or a silent study policy. You may consume hot drinks, cold drinks and cold food in the Learning Grids, but hot food is not permitted within any of the spaces.

Accessing the Learning Grids

  • Entrance and exit is by University ID card only
  • If your card is not current or active you will not be able to access the Learning Grids
  • Please take faulty cards to the ID Card Office located behind the UH reception desk between 10am and 3pm.
  • Please go to Student Reception (Senate House Ground Floor) for replacement cards
  • All Grids are mobility-access friendly. To access the Learning Grid UH, there is an entrance point upstairs that can be reached via the central lift in UH. Please see campus parking information

Booking resources

All spaces have open access areas available on a first-come basis as well as bookable spaces.

Undergraduates and taught postgraduates are allowed to book Group Study Rooms at Learning Grids University House, Rootes, and Leamington, as well as PCs and study desks at Learning Grid Leamington. These resources should be used to support student learning and cannot be booked for teaching purposes. For information regarding booking allowances for the different spaces, please consult the booking guideline pages for each space.

Library services

The Learning Grids are a fundamental part of Library service provision and are therefore subject to the same rules and regulations that bind the Main Library. The Learning Grids are a resource for you to connect, explore, learn and innovate. Please maintain respect for everyone in the space and the equipment at all times.

Belongings left in open access areas unattended for more than an hour will be removed and computers reset, and the space made available for someone else.

Please note

  • You are not permitted to sleep in the Learning Grids at any point. Healthy sleep habits are important for successful studying and we encourage you not to misuse the extended opening hours of the spaces
  • Hot food items, such as pizzas or burgers, or hot food packaging in the form of boxes or containers are not permitted in any of the Learning Grids. Please eat hot food outside and dispose of any food waste in a responsible manner
  • You are not permitted to bring in or utilise your own kettles, fan heaters, microwaves or other such items within the Learning Grids
  • You are not permitted to stream live sports or music events or link computer game consoles through technologies within the Learning Grids
  • The University of Warwick is a tenant of Leamington Town Hall and has use of the Learning Grid area and the toilets. Use of any other area in the Town Hall is not allowed


All the equipment featured in the Learning Grids can be accessed by simply dropping in and using the equipment. Students occupying equipment but not using it will be asked to relocate if and when the need arises. Individuals and groups wishing to watch DVDs and videos or use the Smartboards or plasma screens will be given priority over customers using just the computers attached to the equipment. Groups wishing to use plasma screens and Smartboards will also be given priority over individuals using these technologies.

All Learning Grids have wireless internet access and multifunctional printers.

Reference books

All book stock at The Learning Grid University House and BioMed Grid is for reference only and books can not be removed. Please help us keep the book stock as available as possible by returning books to the shelving trolleys when you are finished using them.

Help and support

The Library Facilities Team are responsible for the day to day running of all Library spaces, and can help you with your enquiries, referring you to appropriate teams as required. The BioMed Grid is staffed by Student Community Engagement Assistants, who can offer peer support within the space.

In term times, the staffed hours are as follows:

Learning Grid University House – 8.45am-5.15pm weekdays, 1pm-9pm weekends
Learning Grid Rootes – 10am-7pm, weekdays and weekends
Learning Grid Leamington – 12pm-10pm weekdays, 9am-5pm weekends
BioMed Grid – 8am-12am weekdays, 11am-9pm weekends

Compliments and complaints

We aim to provide the best possible service for you. Your views are important to us and we welcome suggestions for improving our service. You may speak directly to a member of staff or use our dedicated feedback service.