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Short Loans - 11:00

Short Loan collection move

The collection has now been relocated and is next to the new IT Services room & Chill out room on Floor 1 at the south end.

Situated on Floor 1 of the Library, Short Loan contains core high demand books and a DVD collection to support specific courses. The books are identified by blue tape on the spine.

The area also houses the collection of books on hold and awaiting collection by customers.

All materials must be issued to your library account via the self-issue machines before you leave the Library. Please remember to check the return date on your receipt.

There is a photocopier to copy from Short Loan material; please ensure you comply with Copyright Licensing regulations displayed near the photocopier.

Key points

  • Items due back 11:00am the next day Monday-Friday, or 11:00 Monday if borrowed on a Friday
  • Can be booked online but must be picked up before 16:00
  • Can be renewed online from 06:30 if not booked by another customer


As they are in heavy demand, Short Loan items can only be borrowed for a limited time. Items are due for return by 11.00 am the following morning. Although you can borrow these items over the weekend they will be due for return by 11.00am Monday morning. For more information see borrowing.

Short Loan items are in high demand, fines on these items are higher than the standard fines , £1 per hour or part of an hour. For more information see fines.

You can renew items from 6:00am onwards, provided they have not been booked by another customer, in the following ways:

  • by logging on to your My Library Account
  • by using the self-issue machines on Floor 1 during Library opening hours
  • or by visiting the Helpdesk during staffed hours (Monday-Sunday 08:30-21:30)

For further information please see renewals.

All items can be returned by using the Self-Return Machines or at the Library Services Helpdesk on Floor 1.

Short Loan items checked out on a Friday are due back on Monday morning at 11:00; in order to be sure that the book you need is available, you will need to place a booking in advance via the Library Catalogue. Use the "Book Short Loan copy" option on the Catalogue.

Just ask at the Helpdesk if you need any assistance.