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Document Supply

What is Document Supply?

Document Supply can help you get access to a wide range of material not held by the Library. Books are generally supplied on loan, whilst copies of journal articles or book chapters are provided for you to keep.

How do I make a request?


Please complete & submit the online request form.

Note: If you are using Firefox you may experience some problems when submitting the form. This can be resolved by changing some of the settings in Firefox, so please contact the Resource Delivery team and they will be happy to provide you with the information about how to do this. Alternatively you may wish to use Internet Explorer or Chrome instead of Firefox.

PhD Students

Please complete & submit the online request form.

Please note: PhD students may make up to 10 requests per year without having to obtain authorisation from the department to request materials.

If you reach your limit of 10 & wish to make more requests you should obtain authorisation from your department. For more information please contact the Resource Delivery team.

Taught postgraduate and undergraduate students

Open and save the request form. Complete the form, save it & email it, or print it & post it to us.


Please ensure that you obtain your supervisor or tutor’s authorisation before submitting your form. We accept authorisation by email, e-signature or a signed printed copy.

  • Please complete a separate form for each item you request
  • Please be aware that this form cannot be completed electronically on an ipad or other mobile devices

Do I have to pay for my requests?

Normally no. Each academic department is allocated a quota from the library and every time a request is made the cost is deducted from the departmental allocation.

  • All taught postgraduate and undergraduate students must obtain authorisation from your tutor or supervisor before submitting your request
  • PhD students may make up to 10 requests before you need to obtain authorisation from your department
  • It is not necessary for academic members of staff to obtain authorisation for their own requests

Please note: External borrowers must pay for their own requests. Please contact the Resource Delivery team directly for further information.

What happens next?

We check the bibliographic details of your request and then approach various locations who may be able to supply the material to us. Our main supplier is The British Library, although we often request and receive items from other University libraries both in this country and abroad. You are not expected to find lending locations for items yourself, but please ensure that you check the Library Catalogue as we cannot place Document Supply requests for items that are already in Library stock or are on order for Library stock.

How do I know when my material has arrived?

  • Loans - we will notify you by email of the arrival and due dates of items received for loan. You can collect and return them at the Library's Service Helpdesk on Floor 1
  • Paper copies - these will be sent directly to the address specified on your request form. If you do not specify an address they are sent directly to your departmental pigeonhole
  • Electronic copies - these are forwarded to the email address specified on your request form


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