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Research Detectives!

collage of 4 photos showing students studying, researching and collaborating in the Library

Research Detectives is a skills programme developed by the Library designed for sixth form students. It is aimed at those undertaking their first project, supporting the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and helping with the transition to higher education.

Online tutorials

Please use our online tutorials to help you get started with your research project.

Got your research question and wondering where to begin? It's time to put your sleuthing skills to the test and start thinking like a Research Detective! Let us take you through the process step-by-step. After all, it's tough to crack a case on your own.

Part I: Identifying the Main Suspects

Understand your research question and identify your key search terms before you begin. Print this sheet for use with the video.

Part II: Get on the Case (Libraries and Archive Centres)

Find sources in libraries and archive centres.

Part III: Get on the Case (Internet Sources)

Find sources on the internet.

Part IV: Examining the Witnesses

Critically evaluating sources – how do you know what you’ve read is true?

Part V: Inadmissible Evidence

Plagiarism – what it is and how to avoid it.

Part VI: No holes in the story

How to reference academic sources in your work.

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