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Your future Library

Promotional logo for 'LibScape', scoping the landscape of your future Library

What will your future Library look like?

As we all know, the Library is in high demand.

More study spaces are needed, and constant and high use of the existing building has taken its toll leaving the Library looking tired.

The University is working on long-term plans to completely transform the Library, but as this will take several years, we are keen to improve things in the meantime. A major refurbishment is planned to help maintain the quality of our study environment, improve the facilities, and benefit current students.

We need more than a lick of paint. We need to re-think our spaces. And we want to know what you think!

  • What do you want to see in the physical space
  • What about the virtual and online provision – how can it be improved

Please be aware that we already know we need more study spaces. We aim to utilise our existing building as effectively as possible to accommodate this, but we also need to consider your safety, and plan any changes within the limits of our fire capacity.

To help gather the views of our students and staff, we have commissioned an external design consultancy, Nomad.

Please join us on this journey to develop our Library!