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Personal Development

'Shine' Women's Development ProgrammeLink opens in a new window

‘Shine’ is a Women’s Development Programme for those in grades 3-5 in Professional Services (including professional service colleagues in academic departments), Estates and CCSG. This programme is typically aimed at individuals who are performing well in their current role and have an aspiration to progress into different roles at the University in the next 1-3 years but, would gain from having a greater awareness of their personal values, strengths and to gain confidence in themselves in different environments.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are valuable development interventions which have a number of benefits over other types of development. They both provide personalised and targeted support and can be set up quickly, thereby responding in an agile way to an individual's learning and development needs. Some departments offer informal, internal mentoring opportunities, but both Coaching and Mentoring are also available via Organisational Development. Visit the coaching and mentoring site for more information on the scheme and other opportunities.

How Warwick Works: Shadowing and Development Scheme for Academics

One aspect of preparing academic colleagues for the possible next steps in leadership is providing opportunities for relevant and accurate understanding of what senior roles involve. How Warwick works aims to support the career development of colleagues currently at Professor or Senior Associate Professor level (or equivalent on teaching or research contracts) in a leadership role within their department.