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Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and Management

Programmes and Courses

Development opportunities from one day workshops to programmes that run over a number of months.

Learning Guides

A number self-directed learning guides to support your understanding of managing people and your working relationships.

New Manager Hub

Designed to help you find most of the things you will need if you are new to people management, or if you are an experienced people manager who is new to Warwick.

New Heads of Academic Departments

Key information, resources and guidance that will be useful for Academic HoDs particularly in the first 6-12 months.

Apprenticeships allow Warwick to access training which department budgets currently can no longer cover. When you hire new apprentices between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021, you can apply for extra funding to give your organisation a boost. For apprentices between 16 and 24, you will receive £2,000 and for apprentices 25 and over you will receive £1,500.

For more details about funding for an apprenticeship email opens in a new window

    Coaching at Warwick

    Coaching is a powerful development tool which helps to develop a person’s skills and awareness so that their performance at work improves. Coaching takes place typically over 4-6 months and is carried out by a qualified coach. We use the term ‘coachee’ to refer to the person who is receiving the coaching.

    Find out more about coaching here.

    Staff meeting in a cafe

    Warwick is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) UK. We aim to create and promote best practice in staff coaching and mentoring and adhere to the EMCC’s standards and ethics.

    Mentoring at Warwick

    Mentoring involves a more experienced person drawing on their skills, expertise and wisdom to advise and guide a less experienced person to support their personal and professional development. Typically mentoring takes place over a longer period of time than coaching. We use the term mentee to refer to the person who is receiving mentoring.

    Warwick's Mentoring Scheme