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Wellbeing: Managing Stress Within Your Team

Aim of the event:

Should we aim to eradicate stress, or just deal with it differently? A certain amount of pressure can motivate us, but too much can leave us feeling irritable, exhausted and physically unwell.

In this introductory wellbeing session, we help you understand how stress may be affecting your team members and how to ensure that stress is not turning into overwhelm, burnout, or a more serious mental health illness.

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What will I learn:

  • Understanding the stress response.
  • What causes stress? Identifying triggers and high-pressure zones.
  • Identifying the key stressors within your team.
  • Creating a sense of security and reducing stress levels.

Is it right for me?

This event will be for you if you are a formal line manager (of any grade) or in a leadership role with responsibility for the wellbeing of a group of Warwick employees.

Less useful if...

You do not have direct influence over the work or local culture of a team.

Summer Term Dates & Times

Online Event: Wednesday 5th June 2024 - 10:00 - 13:00

Booking Form:

We look forward to meeting you!