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Creative Methods to Enhance Research Thinking and Writing

Aim of the session: 

The aim of the Creative Methods for Research Thinking and Writing session is to introduce participants to creative methods that aim to enhance research thinking and writing in a supportive and enjoyable session. 

Participants are invited to bring what we have termed ‘a research issue’ to the session. A research issue can be anything associated with research or being a researcher. For example, a question about the direction of a research career, a specific research question or problem or decisions associated with analysis or writing up. 

Participants will be introduced to photo-elicitation and collage making as a method for exploring different perspectives on research issues and concerns, providing a rich source of reflection to inform action. 

What will I learn? 

The programme will enable participants to:  

  • Identify and articulate research concerns using photo elicitation and collage-making. 
  • Apply a systematic method for describing and discussing research issues in a supportive group setting. 
  • Create written work in response to collage-making. 
  • Develop an action plan. 

Is it right for me? 

This is aimed at researchers at all stages of their careers, in all disciplines. The session introduces some entry-level collage-making and so previous experience of the creative arts is not a prerequisite for engagement. The session will be most useful to those interested in taking time out to reflect on a particular research issue.  

Less useful if… 

This is less useful for those needing specific research careers advice, or those who are interested in learning more about creative and arts-based research methods. 

Learning Hours:

This course takes approximately 6 learning hours. This includes any pre-course/programme work, attendance at workshops, experiential (‘on-the’job’) learning, coaching and post-course/programme work.

Dates, venue and booking

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Venue: TBC

Please note that this course cannot accept PGRs

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