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Welcome to the University of Warwick Music Centre! There's no music degree here at Warwick, and so everything we do here is for all students and staff to enjoy, no matter what their subject is! We've got societies from all musical genres, tuition is available and there are rooms for practice and performance. We are proud to be one of the most dynamic university music centres in the UK which doesn't actually run a music degree!

The University of Warwick Brass Society were on the Simon Mayo Drivetime show playing a 'brassed up' version of the opening jingle and theme! Click here to have a listen! 

Warwick Arts Centre and the Music Centre are great places to explore music and art. Watch this short video about the student experience and how the Music Centre is a big part of that.


If you need to know more, please do contact us. We really welcome your feedback. If you are a student or member of staff at the University, you can log in to access Music Centre resources.

Upcoming Events

Mon 19 Mar '18