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This year saw the largest number of auditionees attempting to gain access to UWCC in a number of years. Having extended the day at both ends (to start at 9 and end at 5:30) we still had to add some 15 extra slots and ran, pretty much on time, until 6:30.

The decision process was a difficult one for Paul McGrath, Director of Music who commented on the unusually high standard of the entrance this year - watch out non-freshers! - especially the high level of sightreadingability displayed. The unprecedentedly high intake this year is testament to this talent and is a very exciting opportunity for the Choir. The intake are:


Durgan Abigail S1
Fry Emma S1
Holmes Elizabeth S1
Tagoe Rachel S1
Walker Sarah S1
Bell Sophie S2
Bridgewater Frances S2
Darby Claire S2
Milligan Charlotte S2
Nishigahiro Ayano S2
Whalley Joanna S2
Chiew Hui Lin A1
Lichten Jenny A1
Marcus Elena A1
McKay Claire A1
Mason Helen A2
Sheldon Rachel A2
Tomita Joe CT
Cameron Duncan T1
Cornford Andrew T1
Osbourne Richard T1
Nishigahiro Ken Bar
Sekban Tunca Bar
Carver Rory Bar
Andy B
Hanks David B
Mlnarik Hynek B
Rennett Michael B

UWCC's first rehearsal will take place Thursday 2nd October from 5-7 in the Ensemble Room of the Music Centre. For all the new members there will be an induction ceremony from 4 in the same venue which will consist of much fun and getting to know oneanother!

Thank you to all those who auditioned!

The Exec