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Past Tours

Each year UWCC goes on two tours – a weekend away in term 1, as an induction weekend to integrate freshers into the Choir, and a week-long summer tour. Previous summer tours have been to locations in both the UK and abroad

Annual Tours

Munich 2012

Chester, Llangollen and Llandudno 2011

York, Edinburgh & Durham 2010

Cornwall 2009

Belgium 2008

Weekends Away

 Alveston 2007

Alveston 2008

2010: Instead of our annual Weekend Away to Alveston, we were performing J.S. Bach's B Minor Mass in London.

Suggestions and Getting Involved

We are always looking for new suggestions of destinations and willing volunteers for the Tour Committee – email UWChamberChoir at gmail dot com or fill in the following form if you have a suggestion or are interested in getting involved!


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