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UWCC Alveston 2007

Alveston Weekend Away

A new introduction for this year, UWCC left Warwick Campus for bonfire weekend to the youth hostel in Stratford. The little village of Alveston threw open it’s (church) doors for a weekend of rehearsals, fajita-eating and concert giving.


On the Saturday we started the weekend by rehearsing in the church for the concert on the Sunday. Tamara and Bex (Social Secretaries) then followed this up with a lovely meal of fajitas and many sweeties which filled us up for the evening’s entertainment: the Alveston Hall bonfire!


The bonfire was huge – so much so we were worried it might set the trees behind it on fire – and the fireworks were spectacular. Most notable was the traditional mulled wine which was rather more deadly than usual.

Sunday Concert

After a lie in and opportunity to visit Stratford-upon-Avon, rehearsals continued for the evening concert which was well-received by all – probably something to do with the wine we plied them with before it started!

Next Year...

We look forward to visiting again next year…!