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UWCC Tour to... Alveston 2008

UWCC Alveston 2008

For only the second time in UWCC history the choir descended upon the village of Alveston, in Stratford upon Avon, for a weekend of music-making, fun, games, fajitas and fireworks!

Saturday Afternoon

Once all members had dragged theirselves out of bed (!), UWCC left campus on Saturday morning to make the short journey to Alveston in Stratford upon Avon. We dropped our luggage at the youth hostel and descended on St. James' Church, where we met up with conductors, Lucy and Paul. We began our rehearsal with several ice breaker / let's see how ridiculous we can make ourselves games, much to the amusement of Alveston's residents! The rest of the afternoon was spent rehearsing repertoire for our concert the next day.

Saturday Evening

Following a delicious meal comprising fajitas and sweets, UWCC walked to a bonfire being held in the village. Many choir members (and conductors!) purchased mulled wine and apple toffees, which added to the atmosphere and warmth created by the ENORMOUS bonfire burning away! We were then treated to a fantastic firework display, but were all a little concerned when several fireworks went astray, heading more towards the spectators than the sky!

Sunday Morning & Afternoon

With a free morning and only a short journey to Stratford upon Avon, UWCC spent time around the historic town and purchased lunch to refuel themselves ready to sing for the remainder of the day.

Sunday Evening

UWCC gave a concert in the church of St James', Alveston. The concert demonstrated the choir's ability to sing a wide range of repertoire and debuted works that UWCC later performed in Coventry Cathedral.