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...To Munich 2012

This year we went to Munich on what was an oustanding tour! It encompassed so much including 'flashmobbing' on the move so as to avoid the police (DAEMON!), singing in the Deutsches Museum and the stairwell, salsa dancing in the 'Englischer Garten', Swimming in an Ice river that Bettina claimed people had died in, a yodelling bar without yodelling, a trip to see Cenerentola at the Opera house with Joyce DiDonato, a very bizarre man 'working out' in the park, swimming with the background of the Alps in Starnberg see and plenty of Weiswurst...oh and the odd concert.


With some very tired chamber choir members, we arrived at Munich airport around 10:30pm, where we met a very nice German man who claimed to have heard of us before hand. We had to stop for a spot of McDonalds when we reached Munich around 11pm because that was all that was open. So, after taking over the train station we found out hostel and settled down for a night's sleep.



After a good night's sleep (well, relatively considering the heat) we were ready for Felix's tour of Munich which involved a LOT of information about Munchen and resulted in a trip to a Biergarten ready to try weiswurst.felix 480706_10150885119745736_682838734_n.jpg


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bettina and jez UWCC

The evening was then topped off with a trip back to the 'Englischer Garten' for Salsa dancing where Ingvild showed us all how it was done!



This was another funfilled and extremely packed day. We took a trip to Starnberg See where there is a beautiful lake and the rosenisel (isle of roses). We all had our swimming costumes at the ready although some even decided to swim across to the island, pre-empting the swimming! After a dip, a volleyball game got going before heading off to the Opera House for Cenerentola.

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After such a long day and having stood through an opera, where better to go than a yodelling bar? Even if it is one that we heard no yodelling at!



This was the day of our first concert and also a chance for a good rest before our second one. So, we had an evening rehearsal until quite late before being invited along to a party hosted by the LMU's (Munich University) music festival.

pdojv paofja



This was a day in which after a rehearsal in our hostel we walked through the streets of Munich singing 'Past Time with Good Company' whilst handing out flyers to advertise our free concert. It was a lot of fun and we ended up in the Deutsche Museum who just loved us so much that they not only let us sing outside but also in the foyer, their stairwell and there was an offer of their music room.

hostel flash


oifja iofdjs

After this, we then played our annual quiz in the Englischer Garten much to the confusion (and often horror) of people enjoying the nice day. This also involved some partaking in swimming in the 'Ice River'.


To top this all off we then performed our concert at the LMU with a very appreciative audience.

dsojf OIJCSA


After the actual singing, we then proceeded to enjoy a lovely evening meal with many from the LMU chorus present before heading to bed in preparation for catching our morning flight.

meal dofja


We travelled back to the University of Warwick ready to be up nice and early to begin singing in degree ceremonies.

Thank you to Bettina, Chris and Felix for organising such an amazing tour!!! Now, where to go next year?

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