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Chorus Membership

As of October 2013 the Chorus are no longer a member of Warwick SU, instead have been incorporated under the Music Centre umbrella and so joining will be a little different from now on.

Membership costs 2016-17


Non-Students £60

Concessions (over 60 fully retired, JSA, FT students from non-Warwick university, passport to leisure holders) £40

Warwick Staff £40

Warwick Students (full or part time) £4.50 - this is a fixed rate charged at whatever point in the year they join.



Non-Students £28

Concessions (as above) £16

Warwick Staff £16

Score Deposit

All members are required to pay a £20 score deposit. This covers the cost of us replacing your music should you fail to return it on time, or if it has been damaged during the loan period. You will forfeit this amount if your score is not returned to the music centre within 2 weeks of the performance date in which the score was used. You will then have to pay another score deposit in order to borrow any more music in the future. The deposit is refundable to you if you choose to leave the choir, providing you have no outstanding borrowings on your record.

Existing members please note that if you have previously paid a score deposit and have not requested it back or lost it through not bringing music back you will NOT have to pay another deposit in order to receive your music. The exec will have a record of previous payments.


You can purchase your subscription and score deposit from the Arts Centre Box Office, by calling the Box Office on (024) 76 524524, or you can pay online. You can pay your subscription here and your score deposit here.

If you need any assistance with registering and paying online you can contact the Chorus exec (via email at or the Music Centre office staff (024) 76 524524 or pop in and we can take you through the process.