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Organisational Development bespoke support

In recognition of the unique needs of the different parts of the University, Organisational Development is able to provide support in designing, delivering or commissioning bespoke solutions for departmental or team development in support of local and institutional goals.

Facilitation of department away days, reviews and planning activities

On occasion, Organisational Development may be able to facilitate away days. Priority will be given to supporting away days addressing business issues such as strategy development, business reviews, team development or support associated with change. The team are unable to support events which are primarily designed as get togethers, briefing sessions or 'soft team builds'. Where Organisational Development is unable to personally assist with the delivery of an event we will:

  • work with the client department to help plan and design the day
  • may be able to provide access to resources
  • will discuss how your team can best self-facilitate the event

Please note: during autumn term 2019, the Organisational Development team is focused on supporting the embedding of the University's 5 Guiding Principles and work aligned to Dignity and Respect. Support for bespoke requests will be prioritised where it is aligned to these areas.

Support/help with commissioning

If you are interested in talking to someone about this please contact and a member of the team will contact you about your specific requirements. If you are not a Head of Department, then we will need to engage with them to discuss the request and to understand departmental priorities: this helps to ensure we allocate our resources appropriately in support of the University's goals. We will also, in confidence, notify the local HR link Adviser to ensure any support provided is aligned to other departmental activities and to enlist any relevant ongoing support from HR.

Estates training/course request form.

Please note that the following form is currently in use in Estates only, to support specific training requirements.

L&D request form for Estates short courses and CPD training