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Organisational Development and SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors is a new online tool to support all Warwick colleagues in completing HR- and OD-related activities.

As part of the SuccessFactors tool, Organisational Development will offer a new Learning Management System called the Learning Hub and access to online PDR and probation forms. More information will be available on this page as we move towards launching both of these.

The Learning Hub is designed to manage the entire learning lifecycle for individuals, including booking events and training, searching for learning, checking on the status of learning activities already planned, completing online evaluation of learning, and reviewing learning history.

The Learning Hub will allow access to training offered by Organisational Development; and will also include H&S, ITS skills, Finance, Equality Diversity and Inclusion (E D&I) and Counselling on a phased basis.

The Learning Hub will enable individuals, managers and departments to:

  • access relevant learning activity details. Essentially, your learning needs and history will be accessible and visible to you and your line manager, to support ongoing development conversations and to the advantage of transparent working practices in the University.
  • assign training to individuals where there is a requirement for their role: raising awareness to the individual and supporting timely completion in order to meet the needs of the department or wider University.

The PDR and probation forms found within the Progress and Review Forms section will support ongoing conversations. There will be the facility to set, record, review and update goals during the year or probationary period, which will allow users to:

  • review achievements and contributions during the past year
  • review development during the past year
  • set future goals for the forthcoming year
  • identify the development and support required for the year ahead
  • consider future work and career aspirations.

Dashboards with key information and data will show managers at-a-glance the goals and progress being made by their team.

Goals and any mid-term comments made will automatically populate the PDR or probation form when it is launched, thereby saving time and ensuring that progress and achievements are fully recorded.

The system also acts as a storage folder for PDR and probation forms so a manager can keep all PDR forms in one place and employees can easily retrieve forms from previous years. Reports will enable departments to track completion of their PDR forms, thus simplifying the process for obtaining this data.

If you would like to discuss the OD-related aspects of SuccessFactors, please email

Visit the HR SuccessFactors pages for an overview of wider system and what it can offer, news and updates, and training materials and support.