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Application form

Applications to start in the Autumn 2019-2020 are now open.
Dates for each ‘Route’ are published under Workshop Schedule on the main APP PGR page.

Personal Information

– Please ensure you are logged into the Intranet to ensure that the auto-populate inserts your name and department.

Your research

Current studies

Are you currently studying towards any other courses or qualifications?

If yes, please give details and the expected end date.

Supporting Statement

Note: all applicants must complete this section.
Please use this space to briefly answer the following questions:

. What Teaching Experience do you have this year? (You need to be doing a minimum of 15 hours teaching at Warwick over the duration of the course). Please indicate where your teaching hours will be allocated.
. What types of teaching will you be doing (e.g. supporting in seminars, lectures or labs, conducting tutorials, marking student work etc)?
. How will the course fit with your current role?
. How will you ensure that you have sufficient time to complete the course, alongside your research and other commitments?


Additional needs or requests

We are committed to supporting individual students on this programme. Therefore it is helpful to know about any specific needs or requests in advance so that we can discuss any appropriate reasonable adjustments with you. This might be a disability, learning difficulty, something culturally significant, study issues, dietary requirements etc. If you would like to tell us about anything in particular, please do so in the box below. We will then contact you, ahead of the programme, to discuss your needs. Any information declared will remain confidential and within the course team. However, you are not obliged to disclose anything you do not wish to.


I hereby apply for admission to the postgraduate studies at the University of Warwick and I confirm that the information provided above is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any offer of admission may be withdrawn if I cannot provide documentary evidence of any statements on this form.

I confirm I attended the ‘Preparing to Teach in Higher Education’ session

Supervisor and Mentor

Your supervisor should approve of your participation on the course. We will contact them to confirm that you have the required teaching hours this academic year. Due to data protection laws we require your permission to do this. if you agree please could you tick the yes button below and supply the name and email address of your supervisor. You may wish to contact them separately to discuss your participation on the course and the required teaching element.
Confirmation that we can contact your supervisor
All APP PGR participants should have a mentor who can support and guide them on matters of teaching during the programme. Mentors also observe participant’s teaching and can be second assessors of the final portfolio. Your mentor should ideally be a more experienced colleague and teacher in your department/discipline specialism but does not have to be your supervisor/line manager. Can you identify a subject mentor who can support you on APP PGR?
We will contact your mentor to confirm that they are willing to support you and to explain to them the requirements of the programme. Due to data protection laws we require your permission to do this. If you agree please could you tick the yes button below and supply the name and email address of your mentor. You may wish to contact them separately to get their agreement initially before we contact them.
Confirmation that we can contact your mentor
* indicates a required field
Privacy statement
As a member of staff, we ask that you read our updated Staff Privacy Notice carefully as it contains important information on how and why we collect, store, use and share your personal data, your rights in relation to your personal data and who to contact in the event that you have a query or complaint.
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