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Graduate School

The Graduate School sees postgraduate education as a means to an end, as well as an end in itself for some students. The Graduate School provides support to students to ensure timely progress, academic success and appropriate preparation for careers across old, new and evolving disciplines in academia, commerce and industry.3

At University level the Graduate School aims to ensure an appropriate fit between institutional mission and the facilities and services provided for postgraduate students. The Board of Graduate Studies implements the regulatory framework that enables students to enrol, progress and be awarded their degrees, and develops new concepts and best practice in postgraduate education.

To meet the needs of the University’s postgraduate students, the Graduate School:

  • provides information and support to students applying for internal and external bursaries and scholarships;
  • offers impartial advice on the University’s regulatory framework;
  • works in conjunction with colleagues in the Centre for Student Careers and Skills to deliver bespoke careers guidance, opportunities for employer contact and training and development opportunities for postgraduate students;
  • administers student feedback mechanisms, for example, research students’ Annual Reports and the Postgraduate Research and Taught Student Experience Surveys;
  • works to ensure that postgraduate students are provided with appropriate facilities in which to undertake their research and take advantage of the wider student experience offered by the University environment, for example the Wolfson Research Exchange and the Lakeside social facility;
  • supports the conduct of formal appeals and complaints processes and other investigations

The Graduate School offers staff involved in postgraduate student teaching, supervision and support:

  • appropriate resources to support departmental workshops on best practice in postgraduate student support;
  • guidance on the University’s regulatory framework for postgraduate students;
  • regular networking opportunities to discuss developments in postgraduate education;
  • news updates on events and activities of interest to postgraduate students and their supporters;
  • guidance on programme development, models of student support and opportunities for collaboration at postgraduate level.

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