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PhD Case Studies


The Graduate School has compiled a number of case studies that raise exceptional circumstances occasionally encountered by both supervisors and students. Whilst you are very unlikley to encounter the problems raised in these case studies it is likely that you may well encounter one of two of the issue raised, or the wider themes covered in some of the case studies.

The aim of these case studies is not to alarm or create fear at the prospect of supervising PhD students but to highlight some of the issues that you may encounter.

Each case study is accompanied by information detailing the approach taken by supervisors and the Graduate School in each instance, and how these approaches have been framed in respect to University guidance and regulations.

Explore some of these circumstances by engaging with the case studies below.

Changing Department

Temporary Withdrawal

Changing Supervisor

Health Concerns

 Permanent Withdrawal 


 Supervisory Breakdown 

 MPhil Upgrade

Mark task as complete