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Health and Safety


Research Supervisors must establish a health and safety culture that includes awareness and understanding; effective processes; and positive behaviour as outlined in the University Health and Safety Policy.

Health and safety should be integral to what you do so that as staff you understand the hazards and risks that could be faced; and the behaviours, control measures and local rules that need to be instigated.

Good health and safety will:

  • improve the quality and viability of research bids and proposals
  • enable research
  • reduce the likelihood of serious incidents that could interrupt your research

As a Research Supervisor, you are responsible for the health and safety of research carried out by the researchers you supervise as well as the work that you do or have responsibility for, so it is vital that you understand what constitutes good risk management and that you are satisfied that sufficient controls are in place to manage the variety of risks that you may introduce by virtue of the work that you or your staff and students do, to an acceptable level. If you are specifying equipment, introducing hazardous materials, introducing contractors to the workplace, or taking visitors around your department, then you will have a responsibility for these. For more detailed information on your responsibilities here at the University of Warwick, refer to the University's Leadership and Management document.

The Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) have published a guide to 'Responsible Research', which was developed not just for occupational safety and health researchers, but research teams working in every discipline. This document is helpful in guiding anyone involved in research activities in sensible risk management and has a variety of case studies, crossing various disciplines which may be useful to you.

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