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Resources for researcher development

How we can help: key themes in our provision

Effective Researcher graphic

  • Supporting the research degree process: Getting started - Project planning - Data management - Upgrade - The supervisory relationship - Writing the thesis - Surviving the viva
  • Academic Writing: The basics - Text mechanics - Thesis structure - Advanced critical writing skills
  • Information management: Advanced literature searching - EndNote - Reading & notemaking - Digital tools
  • Disseminating research: Presentations training - Publishing - Networking - Cafe Academique
  • Impact and public engagement: Showcase events - Public engagement skills workshops - ePortfolios & social media
  • Attracting funding: Bursaries available for student-led events
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship: Developing business ideas & planning - Consultancy - Social Enterprise
  • Careers support: CVs & applications - Job search advice - 1:1 careers guidance (in and beyond academia) - Employer events
  • Communication and collaboration:  Assertiveness - Managing relationships - Leadership - Cross-cultural communication
  • Self-awareness and confidence: Managing Imposter Syndrome - Defeating Self-sabotage - Strengths & MBTI personality profiles

View the whole Research Student Skills Programme.

Where to start? Doctoral milestones

Navigating the wealth of opportunities available on campus and elsewhere can be a daunting task. So here's a few highlights best suited to each stage of research:

Confused researcherFirst year

Researcher readingMid stages

PhD graduateFinal year

How to Be an Effective Researcher (essential introductory day for new PGRs)

Literature Searching

Understanding the Upgrade Process

Working Effectively with your Supervisor

Academic Writing workshops

Making Progress in the 2nd Year

Present at a Café Academique or the annual Poster Showcase

Bursaries for student-led conferences

Join a Thesis Writing Group

Career planning events

Preparing for the Viva

Planning your Publication Strategy

Leadership skills

PhD Employer Networking event

1:1 career guidance


Students say...

By attending well-timed sessions such as interviewing skills when I was embarking on my research and viva preparation when I was nearing the end of my registration I feel that the RSSP has supported my research process throughout my PhD journey.

Having spent some years in industry between my Masters and my doctorate, many of the workshops I attended have enabled me to re-engage with necessary transferable skills and an academic mentality. In addition, practical courses such as EndNote and ePortfolio supported the development of new and specific skill-sets.

Practical supporting information

  • All of our provision is offered on an optional basis (although some departments do expect their research students to attend certain sessions, notably the How to Be an Effective Researcher induction workshop).
  • We encourage students to plan and prioritise carefully which events they attend and at what stage in their studies, with the advice of their supervisor(s).
  • We keep research students updated about relevant services via regular e-newsletters, campus publicity, our webpages, and Twitter: @warwickrssp
  • myAdvantage screenshotAll workshops, events and appointments are free of charge, but students are required to book a place in advance via our online booking system, myAdvantage (log-in required).
  • Attendance (and non-attendance) is recorded in our myAdvantage system, and we do apply booking penalties to students who are repeatedly absent without informing us. While our booking system does not share data with Tabula or other reporting systems, we can share attendance data with departments on request.
  • The RSSP is open to all students registered for a research degree (PhD, Masters by Research, MPhil, EngD, EdD and Professional Doctorate).















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