Please read our student and staff community guidance on COVID-19
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Coronavirus: OD support for remote working

New for this week:

Take a look at our user-guides for managers - these have been developed by our team if you are concerned that your team is feeling de-motivated, has lost focus, and needs to change priorities or if you want to check in and support your team during the current Covid-19 and remote working situation.

Read our blog about the realities of working remotely and please let us know about your experiences too.

The new 'Staff Welcome to Warwick' page has been designed as a temporary online alternative to the face-to-face welcome meeting. This page covers some of the wider University induction and has been designed to help new staff learn more about the benefits of campus life and what the University has to offer.

During a period of uncertainty and unprecedented change, such as the current situation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, it may be that you are required to work from home. Whether using a desktop PC, laptop or working with paper-based activities there are simple measures outlined in a checklist that Health and Safety recommend you can take to reduce risk and minimise any potential for problems.

Follow the links below for advice and guidance designed to support you in adapting to remote working.

Guidance and advice for staff

Advice regarding expectations, planning, communication and collaboration along with a downloadable infographic with top tips.

Guidance and advice for managers

Managing a remote team requires a change in mind-set. Advice regarding leading during times of uncertainty, managing wellbeing, expectations, workload, communication and collaborations.

Remote working blog

This blog is designed to share the reality – the learning, the errors, and the humour that colleagues are experiencing during this unique journey.

Coaching for staff and managers: online 

Coaching is available for any colleague who feels they would benefit from support to help them navigate through these unpredictable and uncertain times and to adapt to new ways of working.