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Experiencing change and building resilience

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It can be helpful to understand more about how you and people close to you may be experiencing change. Everyone reacts individually to change, but there are some common emotional and psychological reactions, and it can be helpful to know that these are normal responses.

This handout explains the emotional cycle of change, or ‘change curve’ as it is often known. It describes the typical stages people experience during change and common emotional responses.

A short web article provides 10 top-tips to build resilience.

    A quick self-assessment questionnaire will help you to identify how resilient you ae.

      The Understanding and Embracing Change e-learning course is a 20-30 minute introduction designed for those who want to develop an understanding of the individual change process.

      The Emotional Intelligence e-learning course describes what Emotional Intelligence is and identifies practical ways to enhance your Emotional Intelligence.

      The Building resilience e-learning course will provide you with a better understanding of what ‘resilience’ means, how it can help, seven habits of resilient people and practical strategies to developing your own resilience.

        The Preparing to lead change: adaptability and resilience webinar will focus on positive ways for change leaders to stay in control of change situations and be open to new possibilities.

        The Leading change: collaboration and communication webinar will demonstrate how effective collaboration and communication leads to better change outcomes.

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