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Planning and prioritising

Work from home

Remote working inevitably changes how you structure, plan and prioritise your work. It has the potential to make us more productive and focused but the shift can be easier for some than others and requires different mind-sets, approaches and skills.  

Below are a range of learning resources to help you to stay focused at home, plan your day effectively, be aware of when you are at your best and make to-do lists. has an insightful page on Balancing Productivity and WellBeing when working from home that will give you all the basics to get you started.


    Brian Tracey’s 4-minute How to Structure Your Day' [video] is a great introduction to getting the most out of each day working from home.


      Brian Tracey's 'Eat that frog' provides tips on how to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. He also writes about Six Time Management And Organisational Skills To Easily Increase Productivity.

      This 5-minute blog' explains Daniel Pink’s theory on the science of timing.

        For more information visit the Wellbeing Support Services: Time Management page