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Warwick Perspectives - A 360 degree feedback process

Warwick Perspectives is a 360 degree feedback process to help someone with leadership responsibilities compare how they see their leadership capabilities with how others see them. The term 360 degree reflects the fact that the feedback is gathered from all around the individual – for instance, from their direct reports, their peers, their internal “customers” and their own line manager or head of department.

By considering how others perceive their strengths and weaknesses and comparing these perceptions with their own, the recipient is able to identify areas where they can improve their leadership capability and make plans to achieve their developmental goals.

This particular scheme is based on a simple leadership model and is suitable for anyone who exercises some form of leadership, particularly if they lead a team of people. It is not appropriate for someone who is carrying out a technical role primarily as an individual contributor.

Note that taking part in this 360 degree feedback process is a voluntary activity to support the recipient’s development. It is not linked to PDR or remuneration in any way.


Comments from participants

I particularly valued the 360 degree feedback which I thought was brilliant

I would like to repeat the 360 degree process some time