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Governors for Schools at Warwick


Professor Christine Ennew, Provost:CE

I’m delighted that Warwick is working in partnership with Governors for Schools, to encourage our staff and alumni to volunteer as school governors. There is a huge need for them, particularly in primary schools.

There are two reasons I would encourage you to consider being a school governor; one because it’s about being a good citizen and supporting institutions that are fundamental to our education systems; it’s about making a difference. And secondly, because it’s a great opportunity to learn and develop your skills. You will gain insights into governance, policy and finance, see how other organisations work and understand more about the diverse aspects of organisational operations. It is also a great way to develop your leadership skills, your ability to challenge and support others.

While I haven’t been a Governor in a school, I have been a Governor in an FE College, and that was challenging but very valuable for me. Not only did I learn a huge amount about the regulatory and policy environment in a different part of the education sector, but I also learned about the need to balance challenge and support for management.

Because we had oversight of the activity across the college, I learned about different processes and structures for managing an organisation which were very different to the approaches with which I was familiar. I was lucky enough to work with some very experienced governors and from them, I developed my skills in understanding how to “read between the lines” and how to ask difficult questions.

Our partnership with Governors for Schools offers a win-win opportunity; our staff and alumni get to give back to the community and support the vital educational work of schools, whilst developing valuable skills and growing their networks.

Could you volunteer as a school governor?

With thousands of schools across England and Wales looking for volunteer governors, our Warwick community can help. Warwick staff and alumni have a vast range of skills and experiences they can use to support education.

We’ve teamed up with Governors for Schools, a national charity committed to helping ensure excellent education for children in schools through effective governance, to recruit governors both in our region and nationally.

The role of a governor

Governors work to provide the best education possible for pupils. Their role is to set aims and objectives for the school, and the policies and targets for achieving those aims. They monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making and act as a source of challenge and support to the headteacher.

Developing your skills

Volunteering as a school governor creates an opportunity to broaden your skills and network. Building up board-level experience and helping to set the strategic direction of a school creates a chance for you to see the impact of your decisions first-hand.

Already a school governor?

If you’re already volunteering as a governor, please complete this form. We’d particularly like to hear from anyone interested in setting up a governors’ network for Warwick staff.


Find out more

Warwick staff

Thank you to those who joined our Governors for Schools webinar on Thursday 10 June, we hope you enjoyed it. If you'd like to revisit the webinar or were unable to attend, click here to access the recording (Passcode: *89s2nbd).

Warwick alumni

Governors for Schools is also recruiting school governors across England and Wales. To find out more about becoming a governor, please register at and you’ll be invited to an introductory webinar.