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Developing Self

Online core training

This portal page has been designed to provide easy access for staff to online training and information, including sections which are essential, recommended or available as an optional extra to those who choose to extend their knowledge/learning.

All new starters should be directed to this page as part of their induction. Managers and individuals should also consider which content may be appropriate to existing staff.

Blended courses

Blended learning is a combination of on-line learning and a face-to-face workshop and is therefore a great opportunity for you to complete the first section remotely.

Assertiveness, an Introduction

Emotional Intelligence, an Introduction

Influencing Skills, an Introduction

What is mentoring? (Note: A Mentoring Skills workshop, which builds on this e-learning course, is currently in development and will be available via the Open Programme in the autumn).

Online training videos

A collection of video learning resources that offer flexible, stand-alone training and support activities, to help you address specific issues at work when dealing with colleagues, line management conversations or customer service issues.

Developing yourself and your career

Planning Your Development is an effective online resource that has been developed to support those who wish to make changes but are not sure where to start. Take a look at the step-by-step approach that may help you arrive at an effective personal development plan.

OD's Career Progression pages include a range of information and activities on taking stock, job applications, interview skills and progressing your career at Warwick.

These are designed to assist you in reviewing where you are and what you need to do to successfully achieve your career change.

Warwick has a number of supported opportunities managed by OD:

In conjunction with the individual support noted above, you may wish to explore online resources to help get the most out of development conversations and coaching or mentoring relationships.

  • Career Conversations is a self-directed learning guide to help focus on career development as an individual or as a supervisor.

If you are required to take minutes to service one of the Warwick formal committees, please refer to the Information on Minutes and Conventions published on the Institutional Governance webpages and also the Information for Committee Secretariats.

If you like to learn by reading, a number of OD's self-directed learning guides below have been developed to support managing yourself and your working relationships.

Understanding Yourself

Emotional intelligence

The Practical EQ Emotional Intelligence Self-assessment Questionnaire

How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence 

Understanding your personality type (MBTI) 


Supporting effective working relationships

Managing your time 

Assertiveness and handling conflict