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Decide how to meet needs identified

The next step is identifying how best to address the development needs you have identified.


It’s worth thinking about the practicalities, such as cost, timescales and the urgency of the development need at the outset. How much funding is likely to be available and what solutions are available and when, will all have a bearing on how the needs are met. If you are asking your department to fund the cost of your development, remember that your HOD will need to consider your request in light of budgetary restrictions and within the wider training needs of the department. This may mean that your preferred option may not be feasible in the short term so it might be helpful to consider a number of ways of meeting the identified development need where possible.

How do I prefer to learn?

Also think about how you prefer to learn or how you learn best. For example, do you learn most successfully observing, trying things out, reading, listening, discussing, reflecting, researching or questioning? Think about the times when you have learned something successfully and try to identify what it was about the experience that helped you learn effectively. You might find it helpful to think about a time when you didn’t learn well and compare it to a more successful experience to identify what it is that makes learning work for you.

Finding the best solution

Remember to start by identifying what it is that you need to learn. Try to be as precise as you can. What is it that you need to do differently? Make sure that the development you choose will result in the change you need. If you are thinking about a course, check the content and learning outcomes advertised and then review these against your development need. How well do they match?

Remember to consider all the options to make sure you don’t miss the right opportunity. This may not always be a course or a formal training session. Look at the development solutions list for suggestions.

Where to go for help

For a number of reasons, the Learning and Development Centre may not offer all the specific development you require. If you have considered all your options, are struggling to find a solution and need advice, then contact Organisational Development at