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Review and record progress

Reviewing and recording your progress means you can track your development. The Personal Development Plan word (Word Document) | pdf (PDF Document) is useful for recording what you have learned compared to what you planned, and will help you prepare for your Development and Performance Review meeting, revise your CV or apply for jobs.

You may also find that you develop skills, knowledge or behaviours that you didn’t plan for, perhaps because new opportunities have come your way in your role. And don’t forget that development can happen in informal ways such as reading, networking and on the job training. It’s worth recording all of these on your Personal Development Plan too. In this way, your Personal Development Plan becomes a record of your ongoing growth and progression and celebrates your achievements.

Remember to make time to review your Personal Development Plan. As you complete learning, you need to start thinking about the process of planning your development again. Our work contexts are evolving all the time and this inevitably means that our roles and priorities change, with a resulting impact on our development needs. You may also have career aspirations that will encourage you to think about your development needs. Developing yourself opens up new opportunities for both you and the University.