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The Warwick Coaching and Mentoring scheme

The aim of this scheme is to create partnerships, outside the normal line management relationship, where one person helps another to enhance their performance, learning or development.

The term client is used throughout the paper to refer to the person who is being coached or mentored. A vital difference between coaching and mentoring concerns the degree to which the coach or mentor guides and directs the client. Coaching sits towards the non-directive end of the spectrum while mentoring is towards the directive end:  

A coach uses their ability to listen and to ask open questions to create a relationship of rapport and trust that enables the other to clarify what matters to them and to work out what to do to achieve their aspirations.

A mentor draws on their experience and knowledge to advise and guide a less experienced person in order to enhance their performance or support their development.

Commitment is vital but the returns are tremendously worthwhile. I see ways through problems that I might have previously seen as insurmountable, and learn new approaches which add to the skills I use in my job"

"It was a really enlightening meeting. I surprised myself with some of my answers, and realised there were other areas I needed to address."

"A valuable sounding board for working through issues, and the opportunity to take time out to think about my career."