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Principles underpinning the scheme

  • Participation is voluntary.
  • Coaches and mentors will complete initial training, including a brief online course and a 3-hour workshop (if not already experienced/trained) to develop the skills and understanding to conduct effective coaching and mentoring conversations and relationships.
  • Participants may indicate what kind of partner they would like, and this preference will be taken into account in matching people. However, it will not always be possible to allow everyone to state who they will partner.
  • Either party may break off the relationship without blame or fault or detailed explanation – and continue in a fresh coaching or mentoring relationship if appropriate.
  • Relationships will be set up for a fixed duration, generally twelve months, with an end point established at the outset. Some partnerships may continue to meet informally well beyond that time, but this is regarded as outside the scope of the scheme.
  • A coach or mentor will only have one or two clients at any point in time.
  • Wherever possible a client’s line manager retains a vital role in supporting the development of someone who has an off-line coach or mentor. A line manager needs to understand the purpose of the scheme and appreciate how their role complements the off-line relationship.
  • There will be a programme manager who will keep a record of participants and facilitate the matching of partners.
  • Not everyone has the right qualities and skills to coach or mentor well, and it may be deemed necessary not to accept someone or to withdraw recognition if someone seems unsuitable.