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Three Way Coaching

The one to one coaching option is based on two key principles. First, the coach treats the coaching conversations as confidential. Second, the client sets the agenda for the coaching conversations. There is an expectation that this form of professional coaching is financially supported by the department in question.

There are situations, however, when a line manger or head of department needs an individual to change a practice or behaviour in order for the individual to succeed in their role. The manager would like the individual to receive coaching in order to address this particular development need. In this situation the manager is legitimately setting part of the agenda for coaching.

Three Way Coaching is worth considering in these circumstances. The key aspects of Three Way Coaching are:

  • The manager or head of department has spoken explicitly to the individual about their concerns
  • The individual agrees to be coached by a coaching professional recommended by Organisational Development.
  • There is an initial three way meeting between the individual, the manager and the coach to agree a shared understanding about the objectives of the coaching relationship. This meeting also agrees how the individual will share with the manager what has taken place through the coaching conversations
  • In the course of the coaching conversations the individual may also discuss other matters that are important to them but are not necesarily part of the manager's agenda
  • The coach will not provide feedback or assessment to the manager unless this is explicitly agreed with the individual
  • The manager will assess the impact of the coaching through their observations of the day to day achievement or behaviour of the individual
  • Where appropriate, there may be a further three way meeting between the individual, the manager and the coach to review progress.

If you are interested in arranging Three Way Coaching with a recommended professional coach, please contact Organisational Development in the first instance - by email at od at warwick dot ac dot uk