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Webinars and advice for staff

work from home


These pages are designed to provide information, simple tips and approaches to support you in adapting to hybrid working. They cover the essential topics of hybrid working, wellbeing, dealing with change, resilience, planning and prioritising.

You can access the hybrid working guidance and advice infographic here.

Hybrid checklist for employees

MS Teams ScreenClick the image to view the webinar. Transcript

We recommend using the latest Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge as your browser when viewing webinar videos.

*The videos will not play in Windows Media Player.

Experiencing change and building resilience

Resources to help you to understand more about how you and people close to you may be experiencing change.

Communication and collaboration

Web articles, videos and a free online learning course to provide you with helpful tips.

Planning and prioritising

A range of learning resources to support how you structure, plan and prioritise your work for the foreseeable future.

Wellbeing Support Services

Find sources of support from the Wellbeing team to help you stay healthy during Covid-19.