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Leadership programmes FAQs

I’m currently on a WAMP / TLDP programme. What will happen to my existing programme?

For learners currently on a WAMP or TLDP programme we will be in touch with you shortly to let you know how and when we’ll be enabling you to complete your programmes.

What’s happened to WIM, WAMP and TLDP?

We’ve responded swiftly to the current environment to create updated versions of our people leadership development programmes. Our new development programmes are designed with both online and on-campus delivery options in mind, which our previous programmes were not designed to do. Our new programmes have also been updated to respond to the shifting skill-set that people leaders need following the impacts of COVID-19.

I’m in CCSG/Estates and I used to have a dedicated programme. Will this still exist?

Anyone from CCSG/Estates can attend open versions of our programmes. This year, we’ll also be running a dedicated cohort of our Leadership Essentials programme for you which will be available in the summer term.

I’ve previously attended WIM, WAMP or TLDP, can I still book a place on one of the new programmes?

Yes. The programmes are open to any people manager. All we ask is that you look at the programme content to check that you will benefit from attending.

I am currently a grade 2 team leader/supervisor and occasionally step-up to manage the team to cover holidays or absence. Which programme should I attend?

Preparing to Manage would be the best programme for you.

What Leadership development is available for RAS?

Leadership Essentials and WLP are currently available, but keep an eye out on the RAS pages and newsletter for further information.

How do I get a place?

You can simply book a place by adding yourself to the programme list for Preparing to Manage or Leadership Essentials. You can do this on the dedicated programme page.

You should, of course, discuss booking a place with your line manager so they know how much time you’ll need to be away from your usual duties and they’ll be able to support you with your learning. All learning should align with your PDR conversations to ensure it supports your goals and career aspirations.

For the Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship Programme and Warwick Leadership Programme, further information about how to attend will follow as soon as possible.