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Key Elements of the Programme

One-day workshops

All participants will meet together on four occasions during the year for a half-day or one-day non-residential workshop. Participants explore in a practical way a number of themes, such as:

  • The Warwick context and priorities
  • Warwick's guiding principles
  • Leading inclusively
  • Enabling performance
  • People Management
  • Leading change
  • Influencing
  • Strategy creation

The workshops will be highly participative, using participants’ first hand experiences of leadership.

Individual coaching sessions

Each participant has up to three confidential ninety-minute one-to-one coaching conversations between January and June. The agenda for these sessions is determined by the participant. The coaching conversations provide an opportunity for the participant to think through challenges they are facing, to work out what they want to achieve, and to make plans to realise their goals. Some conversations may focus on current work issues, some might explore development opportunities, and others may look at future career development at Warwick.

360 degree feedback

Participants are expected to take part in a 360 degree feedback on their leadership style. This is feedback gathered from those all around the individual – for instance, their line manager or head of department, peers or colleagues, internal customers, and direct reports. The feedback is confidential, and will be the focus of the first coaching conversation.



The face to face workshops are supplemented by on-line resources provided via the WLP Moodle, this includes:

  • Programme dates
  • A closed discussion forum
  • Useful resources
  • Essential pre-work for each workshop

Support from line manager or mentor

During the programme, participants are encouraged to discuss what they are learning with their line manager/head of department or a mentor who can support them during the programme. Assistance is available to find a suitable mentor if necessary.

Networking and peer support

An important aspect of the programme is the opportunity to network with others from across the University and to offer mutual support to one another in carrying out development plans or tackling current challenges.