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Online Core Training

All staff

This includes information, training and points of action relevant to ALL staff employed at the university.

New starters are required to confirm that they have read essential information and completed online training noted as essential in this section within two weeks of joining Warwick.

Financial Regulations & Procedures

This includes reading key regulations, PLUS further details as relevant to your role.

Information Security

This includes completing the online Information Security Essentials Training Course


This e-learning module will help all staff to understand how to deal with (collect, hold and manage) personal data.

Health, Safety & Fire

Health and Safety is the responsibility of everybody in the University. It is essential that ALL must follow health and safety procedures and take care of ourselves and others.

All new colleagues and students MUST follow the link above and complete both the mandatory Health & Safety Induction course and quiz, plus the Fire Safety Awareness course and quiz.

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the HE workplace

This e-learning module is designed to assist colleagues in carrying out their roles within the university and understanding the relevant legislation in this field.
It may be of particular relevance to front line or customer-facing colleagues and ALL who have a leadership or management role.

Anti-Bribery Essentials

This e-learning course provides a general overview of the concept of bribery, the Bribery Act 2010 and links to related University policies, to improve your awareness and transparency in actions on behalf of Warwick.
The University’s Anti-Bribery Policy and links to other relevant information is available here.

Completion of the course is recommended for Warwick staff and all those third parties acting on its behalf, including (but not exclusively) agents, consultants, contractors, suppliers, subsidiaries and joint venture partners, wherever they may be located.

Understanding Unconscious Bias

The information and online courses in this Moodle are designed to support the understanding and counteraction of such biases, which are important considerations in the HE environment.

Anyone involved in recruitment and selection should complete this course, in line with Warwick's current Recruitment and Selection policy.
In addition, some departments have made the completion of this course 'essential' as part of induction: please confirm requirements with your department.

Guidance on how to respond to students who need help 

Raising Awareness - Fighting Depression has been developed by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and includes this new e-learning package, designed to give non-specialist staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to offer a first line of support to students who may have mental health issues. The package consists of six easy-to-follow 20-minute sessions including signs to look out for, helping skills and knowing who else to involve.

Staff who communicate with applicants and students

There is no essential training for this group at the moment

Applying Consumer Protection Law at Warwick

This module (on Moodle) will inform you about how consumer protection law applies to the University and how it can have an impact on your own role at Warwick.

There is no additional training available at this time

Staff involved in Research

Those involved in the delivery and administration of research, including staff and students (and their supervisors) undertaking research, research ethics committee members and research support staff (technical and administrative).

Epigeum Research Integrity

This online, discipline-specific training supports high quality and robust practice across the full research process

There is no recommended training for this group at the moment

Research Codes of Practice

This provides guiding principles and standards of good practice in research across all subject disciplines and fields of study in the University (information only, completion is not recorded).

Staff working with the Warwick finance system

There is no essential training for this group at the moment

SAP Training Guides

The SAP Team have developed a range of online training guides to using the University's finance system (SAP), along with the add on systems, P Cards (purchasing cards) and OPeRA (procurement).

There is no additional available training for this group at the moment

Interview Panel members, Recruiting Managers and Panel Chairs

In addition to completing the online Recruitment and Selection modules, staff must also complete the Equality, diversity and inclusion in the HE workplace and Unconscious Bias courses noted above.

Further details and useful forms and documents can be found on the Recruitment and Selection website.

Introduction to Recruitment and Selection

This e-learning course is an introduction to recruitment essentials at Warwick and is designed to assist staff in carrying out their roles within the university and understanding the relevant legislation in the field.

Whilst it is a requirement for those directly involved in shortlisting and interviews, the module is open to ALL staff.

Depending on your role and responsibilities within the recruitment process you may need to complete additional course(s), below.

The Role of the Recruiting Manager

This course is essential for Recruiting Managers only. Before accessing this course, please ensure you have completed the Introduction to Recruitment and Selection above.

The Role of the Recruitment Panel Chair

This course is essential for Panel Chairs and is part of a nomination process. To be considered for this training you first need to discuss this with your Line Manager who will then email your department's HR Business Partner or HR manager. They will then email and a member of OD will add you to the nomination list. You will be contacted as soon as new dates are announced.

There is no recommended training for this group at the moment

There is no additional available training for this group at the moment