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Research Staff Profile - Claire Foullon

 clare_foullon_sqsmall.jpg  Claire Foullon
Senior Research Fellow
(w.e.f 1.10.2011),
Physics Department

Note: Claire no longer works within the University

Current Research
Research on solar and space plasma physics.

Life before Warwick
Research and study in England, Belgium, Scotland, and prior to that France.

Best things about working at Warwick
The nature, the sports facilities, the Arts Centre, the University House, and people in general.

Worst thing about working for Warwick or If you could change one thing at Warwick, what would it be?
The food at Rootes restaurant.

What people are surprised to learn about me?
My solo adventures in the States and Iceland when I was 18-20 years old.

What would you dream job be?

Research interest
Geo-, astro- and space plasma physics, combining theory, observations and data analysis.

What have been useful training/ development to date
Giving 1st year Electricity lecture courses to 245 students for 5 weeks.

Other roles (eg. peer review journals)
-Student supervision - PhD and undergraduates
-Convener and conference chair roles
-Space mission involvements
-Refereeing - journal papers, grants.

Next bid/grant
Planning to build my own research team with studentships and postdoctoral grants.

Latest academic writing publication (journal/book etc)
Foullon, C. et al, 2011, Plasmoid Releases in the Heliospheric Current Sheet and Associated Coronal Hole Boundary Layer Evolution, Astrophysical Journal, in press.

Looking for?
Enjoying myself: exciting research and permanent position.

Major achievement to date
5-year STFC Advanced Fellowship (2011).

Three top tips / learning
• Research Career Builder: in my opinion the most helpful way to assess one’s own achievement over the years. A very handy tool to plan and appreciate the progress made.
• Voice idea: in my case, the most important tip to increase confidence was to turn my back and try to get my voice to reach
the back of the room behind me (from workshop “Using your voice effectively as an academic”).
• Writing idea: make progress on your paper by trying and writing a little of your research ideas every day, even if this is not much. I think this indeed is the best tip to write and publish papers.